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3 Kinds of Driving Distractions and How It Affects Your Auto Insurance In Pennsylvania

Distracted driving is when a driver does other activities that do not allow for 100% concentration to driving. These laws were just put in place the other day and some people do not even know about them. It is however important that you know them so that to avoid being punished. The use of cell phones is the top most cause for distraction on the roads. This includes texting, sending an email or talking on the phone. It has been established that this is also the main reason for accidents and that it is a habitual offense in the youth. Other reasons that are considered driving distractions include eating, reading maps, listening to the iPod and such.

You might wonder how this might affect your auto insurance in Pennsylvania. This is because when you are given a ticket for distracted driving the insurance providers will know about it. This will show that you are not very careful on the roads and thus your insurance rates will also go up. If this happens often, they will be under the law to cancel your policy.

There are three kinds of distractions. The first is visual. This is where you take your eyes off the road for any reason. This is the main reason why people run red lights and generally are not aware of the traffic lights. It might also cause very serious accidents. The second type of distraction is cognitive. This has to do with the state of mind of the driver. This is also why they do not allow mentally unstable people to drive. The third and last type is the manual distraction. This is when you remove your hands from the steering wheel for any reason. In driving schools, they emphasize that you should always have both your hands on the steering wheel.

If you are caught in the wrong in terms of the above, your auto insurance company will know about it. This is how it can affect your insurance policy. Auto insurance in Pennsylvania can forgive the first offense. It is important that you know they are in no way obligated to do this. According to PennDOT, they are well under the law if they decide to cancel your policy. They might also opt to increase your premiums. They will notify you of their decision in both cases.

Ensure that you do not get a ticket for distracted driving. You will be penalized and also pay a heavy fine. This is to all those who did not know that this is an offence to do the mentioned distortion activities. It will also be useful to those who have had their policies cancelled due to distract driving. If this has happen to you and you lost your insurance, it should be a lesson learnt. You can still get other Pennsylvania auto insurance without much trouble.

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