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A Guide for Filing Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Claims

With the very increasing number of motorists and vehicles on the roads of Pennsylvania, it has become inevitable to file auto insurance claim since it is difficult to avoid accidents. Pennsylvania auto insurance companies deal with certainties. If an individual has a high possibility of filing for insurance claim, that individual will be charged high interest rate. As a policy holder you are eligible for filing auto insurance but there are individuals who are not able to get auto insurance since they do not understand the procedures of filing auto insurance claim. Here is a guide instruction that you will follow when filing Pennsylvania auto insurance claim.

1. Determine if you need to file a claim or not. In the event of an accident, make sure that you exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Make sure that you also file a report and a statement with the police, and then assess the damage to your car. If it is a minor damage or if your deductible is higher than the repair cost, there is no need of filing a claim. Before reporting the accident to your insurance company, assess the damage first. Reporting it without filing a claim when it is documented can lead to a higher premium.

2. Document all the details of the accident, police report and statement, contact information from any eye witness and any surveillance camera. This may be very useful if the matter is taken to court.

3. If you decide to file a claim contact your PA car insurance company as soon as possible. Assess the damage and the repair cost. If found to be costly than your deductible, contact your insurance company and inform them of an incoming claim. If the accident was the other driver’s fault, make sure that you contact his insurance company.

4. Prepare to communicate with your car insurance company in Pennsylvania or the other driver’s insurer to verify the accident details and get a copy of the report and statement. Make sure that you give correct information. Your claim may be cancelled if they find out that you have given any inconsistent information.

5. Now prepare to fix your car. After your claim has successfully gone through, an adjuster will be sent to assess the damage and send you a check. Sometimes the insurance company will refer you to a repair shop that they are working with such as an adjuster and qualified mechanic to repair your car. In case you are referred to a shop and take your car anywhere else, you will have to foot your bill yourself.

These are the steps that if you keenly follow, you will be able to successfully file a claim. By entering your zip code on top of this webpage, you will be able to get procedures from different auto insurance companies and their policies entailing filing auto insurance claims.