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Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying Monthly Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance is meant to protect you, your passengers and your vehicle from expenses and losses that are caused by an accident. You have to make an agreement with insurance company of your choice that through your payment they will compensate you. Most companies give you an option of paying your Pennsylvania auto insurance premiums in manageable monthly payments instead of making a huge lump sum one. With the increased need of saving extra cash monthly, here are the advantages and disadvantages of paying monthly Pennsylvania auto insurance premiums.


1. Easier on your monthly budget, making a huge annual lump sum is not manageable. Most people are on a monthly salary and their income is reduced by their monthly expenses. Therefore, have a budget on how they are going to spend their money monthly. Making small amounts each month is manageable that annual lump sum and you will pay your premiums easily with no default or lapse. Remember that in Pennsylvania, you are supposed to carry continuous insurance. Failure to comply with this will lead to fines and suspensions.

2. More flexible. Paying for your auto insurance in Pennsylvania monthly will give you an opportunity to change your auto insurance carrier when you wish to do so as compared to paying upfront. With many auto insurance carriers penetrating the market, you will sure get a discount or cheaper policy. It is good to shop around for cheaper policies so as to save extra cash.

3. Provides more liquidity. Holding on to your money for as long as possible will help you to capitalize on any money making opportunities that arise. Making monthly PA car insurance premiums will enable you to save more money and have enough money with yourself to capitalize on any money making opportunity or meet your needs.


1. It is inconvenient

2. Includes processing fees