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Auto Insurance Laws in Pennsylvania of Every Policyholder

All the states in the US have their individual laws on auto insurance in Pennsylvania and the fact that some of them are common does not mean that they have less weight. The laws and regulations surrounding the auto insurance industry in Pennsylvania can be found in the Pennsylvania Insurance Code which is a collection of all the laws of insurance in the state. Enforcement and regulation of these laws is the primary function of the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance in addition to the execution of the policies that have been set.

It cannot be stressed enough that the state of Pennsylvania will not tolerate drivers and car owners who have no Pennsylvania car insurance or any sort of financial responsibility. It is illegal and the action that will be taken against anyone found violating this law is steep. The law has gone a step further to specify the minimum financial responsibility one has to show or carry whenever they are behind the wheel anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. They are in the minimum limits of $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 with the actions being personal injury or death to a single person, personal injury or death to more than a single person and damage or destruction of property, respectively.

Policy holders in the state of Pennsylvania are required under the law to follow it to the letter when they cancel their policy. In this case, they are supposed to report this to the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles within a period of not more that 45 days. Failure to do this will result with your registration and license will be suspended indefinitely. This also applies in case you sell your car to someone else and the new owner of the sold car does not give out the auto insurance information required to the Pennsylvania DMV within the stipulated period.

There are a number of penalties and fines that you may face for violating any of the Pennsylvania car insurance laws and regulations including fines to the range of $1,000 on the higher side and $200 on the lower side for first time offenders. In other case, you may have to pay for costs and expenses from your pocket and have your car confiscated but in worse scenarios, you may end facing criminal charges and spend some time in the penitentiary. To avoid such hefty fines and punishment due to violation that one can do without, it is always wise to abide by the law and get yourself decent car insurance from a reputable firm that is also cheap and affordable. They will keep you out  of trouble at all times in case of an accident and will be understanding in the event of a lapse in premium payment by maybe giving you some more time.

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