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Availing Car Insurance in Pennsylvania from DOT for New Car Owners

It is expected for a first time car owner to be exited especially if it is their first car. A vehicle just like any other asset has a lot of responsibility that comes along with it. It may have been a dream for the new car owner, but if taken lightly it would have dire consequences. As a requirement by law, all vehicles must have proper and up to date car Insurance in Pennsylvania. For many new car owners who may see the purchase of a car as the final step, they have a lot to learn. Car Insurance in Pennsylvania is not particularly cheap for first timers but the costs may go lower as they gain more experience on the road. Car Insurance in Pennsylvania is just one of the expenses a new car owner has to experience.

Like any other asset, a vehicle needs maintenance and fuel in order to run efficiently. Tires and spare parts are among the features of the vehicle and few things you will add can be another expense depending on the usage of the vehicle. This will obviously depend if the vehicle is brand new or used. A new vehicle may take time before having any major problems and it comes with a warranty. However, it is much more expensive compared to a used vehicle. Used vehicles may come cheap but will most likely have a few mechanical problems and without proper maintenance, it will develop problems that may eventually cause an accident that would have even worse consequences.

The Department of Transportation in Pennsylvania has minimum liability insurance requirements for everyone wishing to take up car insurance in Pennsylvania. The minimum liability requirements are 15/30/5. This means $15,000 to cover an accident that results in an injury or death of a single person, $30,000 to cover multiple persons who were injured or died in an accident and $5,000 to cover any property damaged because of an accident. These minimum requirements cover only a single accident. If one has the ability to purchase a more costly insurance, it is allowed since these are just the minimum parameters set by the Pennsylvania DOT. Accidents cause huge financial tolls that extend to more the persons involved in the accident not to mention legal costs of handling the matter.

Failure to adhere to these minimum requirements has its consequences. This obviously depends on the gravity of the offence. The first consequence is license suspension before facing any other charges. Once one is charged you may face a financial fine of $300 or more. One can surrender their license plates to the Pennsylvania DOT immediately after the offence and may be fortunate enough to get just their license suspended. However, depending on the gravity of the offence one could even face a jail term. To keep abreast on the auto insurance requirements in Pennsylvania for both new and experienced drivers, enter the zip of your area at the beginning of this page.