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Car Insurance Crimes In Pennsylvania And Its Penalties

When you do something wrong, you should expect to be punished when caught. There are so many things that adults will do that are against the Pennsylvania car insurance laws and can only be punished through the various penalties that have been outlined by the laws governing that particular sector. For this article, we take a look at car insurance related crimes in Pennsylvania. It goes without saying that the car insurance sector has not been spared as people still get to commit car insurance crimes even after seeing the kind of consequences it has on someone. Some of the crimes related to car insurance in Pennsylvania include the following:

1. More people are staging their very own car accidents and to top that, they end up filing for injuries that do not really exist. This is the most common type of insurance crime that goes on in Pennsylvania.

2. There have been reported cases of false pretence of stolen cars so that your insurance firm can compensate you especially if you had insured your car against theft related cases in Pennsylvania.

3. Another common auto insurance crime in Pennsylvania involves someone getting a car insurance policy after they had an accident or were robbed off their car then reporting the incident after their insurance policy has been approved. This means that you give false claims to the insurance firm by pretending that the incident happened right after taking up the car insurance policy.

4. Filing for a car insurance claim for damages that were pre-existing on your car long before you took up the insurance policy.

5. There have also been reported cases of people who have exaggerated on the degree of damage and injuries they accrued in the course of an accident in which they were involved in.

6. Driving with no car insurance policy

There are still so many other types of violations of Pennsylvania car insurance laws do go on in the state. It is considered a felony act to commit any of the above actions and the penalties that are related to them include:

1. A maximum of seven years or less in prison depending on the grave of your car insurance crime.

2. A total of about $15,000 in fines. You can also be charge less in relation to what you did. For example, you cannot be charged $15,000 as a fine for driving without car insurance.

3. You can also be penalized by the court to carry out a number of community service activities and or pay up court charges of a certain amount.

4. One of the greatest penalties that you will always carry with you is the shame of being caught committing a felony. You lose all the respect you had from the people around you.

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