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Car Insurance for Under-age Drivers In Pennsylvania

It is important to note that Pennsylvania car insurance regulations allows for an under-age driver to be insured. This is because the Pennsylvania state requires that every driver to be insured and it is illegal to drive without it. Insuring them under a new policy might prove expensive so most people opt to include them in their policies. This is a bit cheaper.

As of 2011, the government of Pennsylvania put in place a new teen drivers’ law under Act 81. There are a few things that have been added and changed to the previous teen drivers’ law. The first addition is that every under age must go through a 65 hour supervision period with an adult when they get their driver’s permit. This has been increased from the previous 50 hours. The added hours have been divided according to their purpose. 10 of these hours are to be used for driving at night and the other 5 hours are for driving in bad weather.

There are also some changes to the number of passengers that an under-age driver can carry and their relationship. In the previous law, the under-age driver was allowed to carry the same number of passengers as the seatbelts in the car. Now they are allowed to carry just one other under-age. If they are in the presence of an adult, they can carry the same number as the seatbelts. The one under-age who has been carried should not be a close family member of the driver. This is so as to avoid distracting the driver. This will go on for a period of 6 months. If they are careful for these months and do not have an accident or ticket, they will be allowed to drive on their own without a guardian and can carry up to three non family members. If they do cause or are involved in an accident in those three months, they will still be restricted to carry one non family member. It is also important that the passenger has policy per Pennsylvania car insurance laws.

There are laws that ban driving under the influence for under-age drivers. The maximum alcohol content in their blood should be .02 and if higher they will be penalized. This is much lower than the blood alcohol level than that of adults. If your teenager is caught driving while drunk, you will be questioned on where they got the alcohol. This is because apart from being their parent, they are not allowed to buy alcohol based drinks. Considering that in Pennsylvania, alcohol is only sold in state owned stores and a few other places, they might conclude that the alcohol was from home. It is also important that you ensure that your child has the right Pennsylvania car insurance.

Car insurance in Pennsylvania can be very expensive if you are insuring your teenage driver. You can find companies that offer cheap policies for teen drivers. This means that you will really not need to add them to your policy. Enter your zip code in the box on the top of this page and get as many insurance quotes as you want. Compare them and get the most affordable policies in Pennsylvania for your teenager! It is absolutely free!!