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Car Insurance Laws For The Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania

There are some auto insurance laws and regulations that each citizen of Pennsylvania has to adhere to. These laws were put into place to ensure that you are safe and that no one’s rights are infringed even on the roads. You should also know these laws so as not to breach them. Breaching them will definitely cost you. The first auto insurance law in Pennsylvania is that to own a car you must afford and have a license. Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is protected by very many rules. This is just one of them. This law is in Act 6 Amendments to the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law.

You will also be required to prove that you are financially capable in order to get an insurance policy. This is so that you do not cause problems when it comes to paying your premiums. Just as you will want to check the financial stability of an insurance provider, they are allowed by law to check on your financial stability. They will use PennDOT to determine this. If you cannot prove that you are financially capable, you will not be able to get an insurance cover.

According to auto insurance in Pennsylvania laws, it is mandatory to have the liability cover. This is the most basic insurance cover in the state of Pennsylvania. This cover as you might already know is to ensure that you do not get sued if you have caused an accident. The minimum fee for this cover is 5000 USD for an individual.

It is also in the auto insurance laws that you get the first person benefits. This is important as it will take care of all your medical needs. Its minimum fee is 5000 USD. You can choose to add the other insurance covers as they are not mandatory.

It is very important that you understand that driving a vehicle in Pennsylvania without auto insurance is illegal. There are those who do this and they are charged heavily. Not only does this put your life and property in danger but also puts the lives and properties of others in danger. If you are worried that you might get in to an accident with a person who is not insured, the law provides that you get an uninsured motorist cover. This will cater for all your needs in case you get in to an accident with an uninsured person.

You might be wondering how the State controls the insurance sector so that they do not over price their services. There are several laws that protect you from these. The insurance providers are well aware of these laws and would not dare to breach them in case they are charged and lose their license. This protects you from extortion.

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