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Compare Your Insurance Against DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania

It is legally mandated that all motorists should carry some form of auto insurance in Pennsylvania. The most basic forms of Pennsylvania car insurance will cover the driver’s medical expenses if a debilitating car accident takes place. The driver will be eligible to make a claim irrespective of being charged at fault or not. Additional coverage and benefits are available from different agents of car insurance in PA for varying costs.

In 2004, the Pennsylvania state rewrote its DUI and DWI penalty charges by making them more stringent. The new law has divided the punishments based on a first time, second time and subsequent category list. The determination is made on the BAC ratio which measures the blood alcohol content. The legal limit in this state now matches with most other states at .08.  If you are charged with a first time offense, you will fare better than second or subsequence convicts but still have to face a penalty charge of six months probation period along with a fine of $300. This is if your BAC level indicates to be between 0.8 and 0.99. However, if the chemical test indicates a ratio higher than that implying deep intoxication you will be charged with severe penalties that can vary from expanded jail sentences to high fines between $500 and $1500.

When you have to face a first time DUI charge, dealing with it can be a life changing circumstance. However, your life can be turned in to a real nightmare if you are caught with the same offense for the second or subsequent time. It is not just the loss of your license and having to spend time in jail that will be among your worries. According to the DUI and DWI laws in Pennsylvania, being charged with drunk driving will ensure a hard time with your car insurance in Pennsylvania as well. It is most likely that your insurer will want to cancel your auto insurance policy or review it for higher rates.

So, if you have any doubts about your no fault auto insurance in Pennsylvania in the event of being convicted with a DUI allegation, it is most likely that your auto insurance company would want to drop you especially if the offense is done for the second or subsequent time. As your performance will be marked in your driving record for an indefinite time period, locating new auto insurance in Pennsylvania will be your next concern as it is going to be a costly arrangement.

Despite all this, there are still options where you can be eligible for cheap car insurance in PA. You can make use of these opportunities if you conduct some lengthy research on your own. Send us your zip by entering it at the top of this page and we shall send you all the information you require. Don’t forget, finding car insurance in Pennsylvania can be costly and difficult but it is equally important not to lose your right to be driving because you don’t have the mandatory insurance. Let us help you to find the best deal in the state.