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Consequences of DUI or DWI Affecting Your Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania is following the suit of other states like Texas in getting strict on persons charged with Drunken Driving. The penalties leveled against such vices are getting steeper with each passing legislation. Your driving record directly affects your rate of Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania. If you are convicted with a DUI or DWI, your driving record is immediately tainted, and this will affect the rate of insurance that you usually pay. Once convicted of drunken driving, your current auto insurer will view you as a higher insurance risk than before prompting them to revise your insurance premiums higher.

This bold move is put in place to prove to the legislation that the auto insurance industry is playing its part in reducing the prevalence for drunken driving. You face two concurrent counts if ever brought before a judge on charges of Drunken Driving in PA. The two counts are a criminal charge and an administrative penalty. Both these charges lead to your driver’s license being suspended in addition to incarceration in a state penitentiary for the timeframe that will be dictated but a court of law. Both of these will be recorded in your driving record meaning whether you want it or not they will be viewed by your auto insurer culminating in you paying higher insurance premiums when you complete your sentence.

The minimum jail term for a DUI in Pennsylvania is 72 hours that is if the arresting officer does not find any alcohol in your possession at the time of the offence. If found in possession of alcohol then you will be looking at a jail term of no less than 6 days. If you are a first time offender, you will have your driver’s license suspended for a period no less than 90 days and not more than one year. As stated earlier, this is still dependent on the circumstances surrounding your arrest. If you caused an accident and injured or killed someone, the sentence will change. In order to restore your driver’s license following a suspension, you will be required to part with a specified fee. Any additional DUI charges post the suspension will result in an extension of the driver’s license suspension period plus additional penalties. Repeat DUI offences are treated seriously and may land one in jail for up to 10 years plus grim penalties attached to it.

Once the milk has been spilt; so to speak; you will have to find a way to recover. You will have to find an insurance cover that will cover you until the expiry of the driver’s license suspension period. If you have to drive because of your job then you will have to take up the SR-22 insurance policy. This policy though very costly allows you to keep on driving for the stipulated suspension period. It is important not to have any traffic infractions during this period since they will not be good for you financially. To avoid being caught up in these tricky situations enter your Zip and see what companies of auto insurance in Pennsylvania offer once you have been convicted with a DUI.