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Defensive Driving in Pennsylvania – How it Can Keep you Stay Safe on the Road

Driving in Pennsylvania can be tiresome at times due to the very many people living in the Commonwealth. It is due to this that accidents are caused and increase car insurance rates in Pennsylvania. The definition of the defensive driving is by the National Safety Councils Defensive Driving Course. Every driver can take this course even online.

There are a few tips that you can use from the defensive driving course to help you stay safe on the roads. The first tip is that you should always stay focused. There are many things to consider when you are driving. You have to check the engines performance, consider the weather, traffic laws, and mind the other drivers among other things. This gives you no time to think of other things. The loss of concentration while driving, can lead to fatal accidents and these in turn will lead to other things like court cases and loss of the car insurance in Pennsylvania.

You should also be alert. This means that you should not drive if you are fatigued or sleepy. Some conditions on the road might require that you think and act fast in order to avoid accidents. If you are sleepy or fatigued, you will not be able to do this. In the same breathe you should also not trust the other drivers. This is in regards to depending on them. Not all drivers will clear the way and let you through and so on. You should always imagine that if something were to happen, you would know how to handle it. In Pennsylvania, car insurance rates are usually very high and reckless driving might make them go even higher.

Another tip is that you should always think of safety first. Do not compete with the other drivers. You might compete with them yet they have more car insurance covers than you do so in the event of an accident, you are the one who will lose. Always have an escape route for any situation. This will make it easier for you not to get in to trouble.

Bad driving will be reflected on your driving history. This in turn will reach PennDOT and the Pennsylvania car insurance companies. You might also lose your driver’s license and in extreme cases, your civil rights might be limited.

When driving, always apply the 3 – 4 second rule. This will give you enough distance to brake if you need to. You should also always check the speed limit of the lane you are driving. If you are using more speed than what is required. You will most definitely get a ticket. This will not be good for your driving record. You should also limit the things that might distract you while driving.

The biggest advantage of defensive driving is that it will decrease the rates of your car insurance policy in Pennsylvania. Since everyone is after cheaper insurance, it would be a good idea to apply the above tips while driving. You can also lower your rates by getting the best company that suits your needs. Enter your zip code in the box above and get free quotes of all the best insurance companies in Pennsylvania!