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Different Categories of Pennsylvania Car Insurance Coverage

It is important for every car driver and owner to know and understand the laws governing automobile insurance coverage.  All residents and visitors of the State of Pennsylvania are by law, required to seek, buy and maintain auto insurance in Pennsylvania during their stay in the state and to enable them drive their vehicles within and outside the state. They are encouraged to know and understand auto insurance in its totality and also how it contributes to an individual in case of an accident involving vehicles.


All auto insurance covers in Pennsylvania are tailor-made to suit individual needs that makes them easy and simple to understand and adopt.  They fall into five broad categories which are Liability coverage, First party benefits coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive coverage and under insured Motorist Coverage. Each type of cover has its own pros and cons and it is up to the individual to select one that suits and satisfies their needs. The liability coverage and first party benefits coverage are, however, mandatory for all vehicle owners and must be bought by all motorists irrespective of their requirements as it protects one from any claims made against them and it has a minimum amount  of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident which is stipulated by law.

Once done with the mandatory cover, it is now up to the individual to select the best auto insurance in PA that suits their requirement and needs and is friendly to their pockets. The law in Pennsylvania allows an individual to purchase higher coverage limits especially in cases where one has additional assets such as a house or other investments to cover. The first party benefits coverage helps on medical bills in case of an accident where there is personal bodily harm or injury and has a mandatory minimum amount of $5,000 per person. This cover pays for an individual’s medical bill irrespective of whose fault the accident was and more often than not is usually sufficient in covering treatment and hospitalization bills.

Other auto insurance covers in Pennsylvania that are optional include collision coverage which takes care of any vehicle damages, comprehensive coverage which protects ones vehicle from theft, damage caused by accidents or by malice. Under insured motorist coverage, it takes care of injuries sustained in an accident, which is not an individual’s fault.  Getting the best quotes for auto insurance in Pennsylvania is an easy and simple step-by-step procedure.

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