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Different Optional Coverage For Pennsylvania Car Insurance

There are different types of additional coverage plans that a vehicle owner might opt for such as:

Income Loss Coverage: Under this policy, you get paid for a portion of the wages that you might have lost because of your inability to work due to the injuries sustained by you in the car accident.

Collision Coverage: Mostly it is the bankers or lenders who insist the owner buy this insurance coverage, as it pays for the damage repair of your car after an accident.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Coverage: This coverage is applicable when you and/or your co passengers are hurt because of the mistake of an uninsured motorist. It only covers bodily injuries not damage to the vehicle.

Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage: It is similar to that of uninsured motorist coverage, except in this case, the coverage is not enough to cover your claim. Even in this case, no claims to vehicle damage are covered.

Stacking of uninsured motorist & underinsured motorist coverage: Under this coverage plan, you have two options. First, you can multiply the amount that is uninsured or underinsured by the number of vehicles that are there on your policy. Second is to claim the uninsured or the underinsured amount from more than one policy, if you are insured under more than one policy that is. However, it cost extra to get this coverage.

Extraordinary medical benefits: Such a coverage plan pays for the medical and rehabilitation claims that exceed $100,000; the maximum limit to this coverage is $1 million.

Accidental health benefit: If the person insured dies within 24 hours of a bodily injury that he sustained in an accident, his/ her personal representative can claim such benefit.

Gap coverage: This Pennsylvania car insurance policy is applicable when a new car is purchased on loan. In the case that this car is absolutely smashed in an accident, while there is an outstanding loan payment on it, this policy covers the difference between the insurance company’s payment and the outstanding loan amount.

Funeral Benefit: If an accident causes the death of the person insured or a co-passenger, this coverage pays a certain amount for the funeral expenses.

A person getting Pennsylvania car insurance can mix and match the features he wants in his insurance policy to get one that will save him from a financial burden in case of a mishap.

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