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DUI and DWI as Causes of Vehicular Accidents

Have you ever experienced being drunk in a party and you have no idea how to get yourself back home? Have you ever tired driving in the middle of the night, scared that you might encounter a drunk driver? These things indeed do happen in reality. Know more about the Pennsylvania car insurance available in your area.

It is a fact known to all that drunk people need the most assistance. When people get intoxicated, they cannot function the way that they are supposed to. They cannot speak properly because their speech faculties have become slurred. They cannot even see straight because the chemicals present in the alcohol or in the drugs have already altered their vision. Hence, an intoxicated person is the worst candidate to take the driver’s seat and steer the wheels. However, when people get drunk and they are alone they have no other choice but to drive themselves home. Under this unfortunate circumstance, a drunk person has no other choice but to force himself to drive himself home. This is when trouble begins. When a foxed and disoriented person starts to take over the wheel and starts driving, he is endangering himself. When a person is drunk, he suffers from a temporary alteration of his capabilities. He cannot see clearly or hear clearly.

As a rule, when traffic authorities see or notice that a person is driving under the influence, they must assist him and ensure that he gets to his home safe and in one piece. In most states when law enforcers notice that the driver of a certain vehicle is drunk, what they do is that they would ask for the driver to stop the vehicle. When the driver stops his vehicle, they would begin questioning and harassing him. Most of the time, traffic enforcers would take advantage of the drunken status of the driver. This kind of abusive treatment discourages other drivers to ask for assistance from these traffic enforcers. Through this, more people are forced to pretend that they are sober while driving when, in fact, they are as drunk as a groom on his wedding day. Thereby, when the body of that drunk person gives up and is in the middle of the highway, he would most likely get into a vehicular accident.

This scenario is what the state of Pennsylvania is trying to avoid. Hence, the state of Pennsylvania through its traffic and DUI and DWI laws mandate that every traffic enforcer must provide assistance and must never abuse any drunk driver that will approach him. The driving laws in the state of Pennsylvania aim to protect drunk drivers from possible accidents. However, this does not mean that these DUI violators would be released from their criminal responsibilities. Drunk driving is still a crime, but the state of Pennsylvania decrees that a drunk driver must be first and foremost be helped. When he recovers from his drunken stupor, he will then be punished for his crime. Know more about these things by typing in your area zip code. By doing so, you will also know more about the specific details of the Pennsylvania car insurance system.