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DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania: Discover How To Reduce Your Sentence

If you are residing in Pennsylvania or planning to relocate in this state, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with the mechanism of auto insurance in Pennsylvania. It is equally important that you look for car insurance in Pennsylvania who can provide you with all the vital details pertaining to the automobile related laws and keep you updated of the consequences of violating any specific law. The DWI and DUI laws in Pennsylvania are enacted with great consideration to put an effective stop to the disastrous consequences taking place at the hands of drunkard drivers on the roads. In this state, the penalties if you are convicted for DUI or DWI can be severe. It would not matter that you are caught with a first time offense, you will still be expected submit to relentless punishments.

However, your Pennsylvania car insurance agent will be able to enlighten you to the ways in which the severity of charges against you can be mitigated. The first step is to contact a highly experienced defense attorney specializing in DUI or DWI cases who can thoroughly investigate your circumstances. However, in Pennsylvania, refusing to submit to the chemical test for determining blood alcohol content is considered as a separate offense against law enforcement authorities. Therefore, in the event of being requested, you should submit yourself for the test and then get in touch with your attorney at your soonest.

Your attorney will be able to evaluate and apprise you of any opportunities available in proving to the judge that you are willing to make amends to the wrong act committed and that you have already accepted full responsibility for your actions. In such an event, the Judge has the discretion to substitute a different punishment to the standard procedure. For example, the judge has the authority to alternate jail time with an imposition of house arrest.

It is also possible to seek a rehabilitation option by crediting time against your DUI sentence with time allocated for the alcohol or drug treatment program provided it is voluntarily entered by the convicted person.

Mitigation is the other option in reducing DUI charges. It depends on the code of conduct of the person faced with a drunken driving charge before the trial takes place. If the wrong doer has taken the trouble to complete an alcohol or drug treatment program or performed community services in advance to the trial and arrived on the day ready to pay all court fees and relevant fines, the judge has the authority to decide more favorably from the point of the offender.

These are a few options that you should know in advance if you or anyone you know has been convicted for DUI in Pennsylvania. When you take auto insurance in Pennsylvania, don’t forget to question your agent regarding these options and if there are any SR 22 insurance specifications for this state.

You can receive free information regarding everything you want to know about auto insurance in Pennsylvania by simply submitting your zip at the space provided at the top of this page. Whether you have been charged with drunk driving or lost loved ones at the hand of a drunkard driver, you will benefit from the information we provide you. Make use of the opportunity and avail yourself to some of the Pennsylvania cheap car insurance promotions we have in store for you.