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DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania: Know About SR-22 Insurance Exemptions

If a motorist residing in Pennsylvania has been penalized for drunk, the state does not require him or her to obtain a SR-22 form from any car insurance in Pennsylvania. However, if a driver has relocated in this state already having been declared to obtain an SR -22 form due to an offense conducted in another state of residence; he or she will have to comply with the earlier direction. The driver will therefore, be requested to maintain the same policy arrangements with the auto insurance in Pennsylvania for the mandatory time period without any lapse in the agreement.

This law is enforced by the state with a view of protecting the state citizens from the erratic driving habits of problematic drivers. It is basically done by monitoring their policies of car insurance in Pennsylvania. Any auto insurance company in Pennsylvania is obliged to file a SR 22 form to establish financial responsibility of their customers in the following events.

PennsylvaniaAutoInsurance* If the driver faces any suspension related to safety responsibility under the Type action 04 of the state. This also involves any uninsured drivers who have not paid for any damages or injuries caused by them.

* If a motorist is under an unsatisfied judgment of suspension under the Type action 06. This can be a result of a civil judgment where the driver has been involved in an accident that has been declared due to unsatisfied driving.

* If the driver’s license has been revoked under Type action 1 and 2.

* If the driver is subjected to continuous insurance supervision

* When the driver has received a PA DUI allegation under the interstate agreement from an out of state violation of driving rules.

As Pennsylvania is also involved in the DLC (Driver’s License Compact it is obliged under the specific rules to comply with this interstate agreement. Therefore, if a motorist is facing any of the above conditions or if he has already received a mandated notice to obtain a SR22 form, companies dealing with auto insurance in Pennsylvania will be obliged to request the driver to obtain this form.

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