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DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania: The Consequences Of Declining Chemical Test

The driving regulations and policies are not the same in every state in USA. That is why it is pertinent for you to spare some time to listen to the advice given by your car insurance agent. If you are driving under the laws of Pennsylvania, there are certain laws you have to abide by so don’t forget to make a call to your contact dealer of car insurance in Pennsylvania if you have any doubts rather than face the unsavory consequences of a court case.

Even if you have been told by a family member or a colleague that in the event of being requested to conduct a blood, urine or a chemical test to find out if you are driving under the influence, you should never comply with the request. This may hold some valid grounds in certain states but not in Pennsylvania. With your privileges of being able to drive on the roads of this state, you have also given implied consent to undertake any of these tests without rejecting them. That is one of the implied conditions that you are bound by under the Commonwealth courts.

As per the DWI and DUI laws in Pennsylvania, a person refusing to take any of these tests will be severely penalized. In fact, the punishment will be no different to a penalty charge against a person who is convicted for the highest rate of alcohol in their blood system. This will include a compulsory three day stay in jail as well as a license suspension for a minimum period of twelve months plus the regulation charges of undergoing a mandatory alcohol and drug assessment and attending the Alcohol Safety School program.

It is therefore in your best interest to gather as much information you can on the consequences of DUI and DWI and the specific laws in the state from a reputed Pennsylvania car insurance company. If you are faced with a request to take the test in this state, the most sensible move is to agree to comply with the test procedure and then immediately contact your attorney for more advice.

Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is a broad subject and you should cover all significant aspects before you take your vehicle for a spin in this state. Contact a reputed company capable of giving you the most up to date and relevant information pertaining car insurance in Pennsylvania and the associated laws. Enter your zip at the space given at the top and we will provide you all the necessary information plus guide you towards the most advantageous deals in the state.