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Easy Steps on How to Obtain a Learner’s Driving Permit in Pennsylvania

This article will attempt to put all pertinent information in one place as an “easy to follow” guide to help stop at least a few gray hairs from developing.  Please make certain that your teen and you go over this information together as this is more their responsibility than the parents.  It is also advisable at this time to call your auto insurance agent and see what you need to do to put your teen on your Pennsylvania car insurance.

A teenager in Pennsylvania is eligible to get a learners permit at the age of 16. Your teen will be certain that you do not miss this piece of information or miss the date when they are eligible.

The very first step is to obtain Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual from a local Driver License Center.  Some schools may also help your teen get a driver’s manual.

You and your teen will also need to obtain Form DL-180, which is called the “Medical Qualification Certificate.”  This form will be needed to be certified by a physician, certified registered nurse practitioner, physician assistant or chiropractor after doing a physical exam on your teen.  It is important that all of these forms be done correctly in order to meet the standards for your Pennsylvania car insurance.

Another form to be completed by either a parent or guardian is the DL-180TD – if the teen is under the age of 18. You will then need to take your teen to a Pennsylvania Driver License Center with the following information:

1.            A completed DL-180 signed by a medical professional.

2.            A completed DL-180TD that completed and signed by either a parent or guardian or spouse if 18 years or older.

3.            Verification of identity

4.            Current proof of Social Security number

5.            Money order or check payable to the PennDOT for the correct fee. Also, note that only check or money order will be accepted.

In the Driver License Center an eye test and a written Knowledge Test will be given.   Once the teen passes these 2 tests, a learner permit is issued.   The Learner’s Permit is valid for only one year.  For those under the age of 18, a 6-month waiting period as well as 65 hours behind the wheel driving experience is needed prior to taking the skills test.

Under the New Teen Driver Law 2011 – Act 81 has increased the supervised, behind the wheel for learner’s permit holders less than 18 years old from 50 hours to 65 hours. 10 of the added hours need to consist of driving in night conditions and the other must be driving in poor weather conditions.

In addition, make certain everything has been done that is needed to put your teen on your Pennsylvania car insurance.

Congratulations – you now have your Learner’s Driving Permit in PA.   Here are the current restrictions that apply for your permit:

•             Supervised driving only – meaning that you must be supervised by a valid licensed driver 21 years old or older in the car with the permit holder who is driving.

•             Curfew – If you are driving between 11 pm at night and 6 am in the morning, the supervising driver must be your parent, legal guardian, or spouse.

•             The maximum number of passengers in the car is limited to the number of seatbelts the car is equipped for.

Moreover, if you as a parent have not done so yet it is vital that you add your teenager on your Pennsylvania car insurance.

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