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Further Information on the Criminal Alcohol Law in Pennsylvania

It is very important to understand the relation between auto insurance in Pennsylvania and their criminal alcohol law.

The criminal alcohol law was put in place in the year 2003 in Pennsylvania. It is considered one of the strictest laws in the state. It sets the blood alcohol level at .08 for all non-commercial drivers. There are however other sub-conditions for all ages. For the non-commercial drivers, they are assumed to be 21 years and above and their blood alcohol content is .08. If it exceeds this, they are breaking the law.

Commercial drivers on the other hand have their blood alcohol level set at .04. It is therefore an offense for any commercial driver in Pennsylvania to have it higher than this. This is not only a breach of the law but also goes against auto insurance in Pennsylvania. School bus drivers are required to have a .02 level while teenagers and everyone under 21 is also required to have a .02 level.


When you are caught driving with a high level of alcohol in your system, they refer to it as getting a DUI. This simply means driving under the influence. You might be taken to court and this will mean that you will need the services of a lawyer. There are many of such lawyers. Generally, the courts generally observe two laws when it comes to dealing with DUIs in Pennsylvania. These are the Pennsylvania Code Title 18 laws and the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Title 75.

The Pennsylvania Code Title 18 laws generally summarizes that a person is considered guilty if they seem to be under the influence of alcohol in any public place. This is such that they are disturbing, annoying, or hurting the people around them. If you are caught in such a situation, you might be fined a fee between 0 and 300 USD or get a jail term of between 0 and 90 days.

The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code Title 75 summaries how the getting a DUI will affect your auto insurance in Pennsylvania. This is because getting a DUI will be in your driving history and points may be given to your driver’s license. In extreme cases, they might even suspend your driving license and this will affect your auto insurance policy in Pennsylvania. The immediate thing will be for the insurance provider to increase your rates.

The criminal alcohol laws in Pennsylvania also include an underage person buying or taking alcohol. Even transporting it is an offense. Pennsylvania is arguably one of the states whereby all wines and spirits shops are owned by the government. This and the auto insurance policies help protect the citizens of Pennsylvania from the consequences of driving under the influence.

As you might already know, in Pennsylvania, if you own a car you must have auto insurance. Auto insurance in Pennsylvania is one of the most expensive insurance policies in the country. This should however not stop you from being insured, as you would not want the effects of drunken driving to affect you.  You can get cheap auto insurance by entering your zip code in the box above and within minutes, you will have as many insurance quotes as you can compare! It is fast, easy, and free.