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General Overview of DWI and DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

DWI and DUI are among the major causes or road carnage all over the United States and not only in the state of Pennsylvania. Many people have been maimed or killed because of this very bad habit of drinking and driving. As a result, Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania has found a way of playing its part as far as discouraging this deadly vice. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation instituted a way of limiting the Blood Alcohol Concentration to avoid persons getting behind the wheel when intoxicated. This is not unique to Pennsylvania and neither was it the first state to include this particular statute though it is common in almost all states in the US. What they do is that any person found to be driving with a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08 percent and above is charged with DUI. This BAC percentage of 0.08 is what is set by the legislation in Pennsylvania. Many other states have similar limits with some having higher or lower limits.

This particular vice has been found to be rife in all age groups of drivers. It is however common in young drivers being that at the time they are in college and may be guilty due to all the partying and party lifestyle they have at the time. Statistics state that the larger number of DUI and DWI convictions are of persons between the ages of 21 and 34. A young driver is already viewed as a high insurance risk by insurance companies so to add a DUI and DWI conviction to one’s wrap sheet only makes it more expensive for them. A DUI and DWI conviction is classified as a grave misdemeanor and has consequences that could affect someone later in life.

Depending on the circumstances, surrounding an arrest a first time offender can have their driver’s license suspended or get lucky and walk with just a warning. You may wonder what gives the traffic officer the right to stop someone for drunk driving. Once intoxicated ones judgment, vision among other senses are not quite at par. The officer may see a vehicle swerving, over speeding or something that does not quite look the norm with a driver on the road. The officer will then stop you and proceed to asking you to do a number of tests to prove your level of intoxication. They may also request you to submit to a breathalyzer test. You are within your rights to decline this breathalyzer test in the field but this will result in immediate withholding of your driver’s license by the arresting officer.

If charged and found guilty of drunk driving one is liable to fines, penalties, and surcharges depending on the gravity of the conviction. The fees herein are usually very steep and may have to be paid over a period. This is purposely to warn others not to indulge in the vice lest they face similar or steeper fines. However, some levels of DUI or repeat offences may culminate in one being incarcerated for a certain period. All this is not to mention the added premiums you will be required to pay by your insurer in order to obtain auto insurance in Pennsylvania. Enter your Zip at the start of the page to find out more on this.