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Government Sponsored Car Insurance In Pa for Low-income Earners

The National Association of Independent Insurers did a survey to know how many people know and use the government sponsored car insurance plans. The results were shocking. Very few people know about these plans. There was also a survey that showed that many people use a lot of money in order to have insurance. It has reached a point that they are not even able to buy food due to the high insurance rates. PA citizens are encouraged to use these policies if the ones from private are not affordable.

AutoInsuranceinpennsylvaniaIt was also established that those people who did know about the government car insurance policies in Pennsylvania did not use it for a number of reasons. The most important one was that it did not have medical coverage for the policy holder. This was way back in 2003. Right now, the plans have been amended to suit their purpose better.

The government car insurance in PA is a little bit cheaper than the private insurance. However, they require a lot. The requirements for application and approval of these plans include: the person must be 19 years and above, their car must be no more than 20,000 US dollars, they must have good driving history and also earn no more than 26,000 US dollars. These are what are required of the person who wants to get the insurance.

When it comes to the plan, the minimum cover is 10,000 per person for injury and 20,000 for everyone involved in the accident. Another benefit of these plans apart from being cheap is that they encourage more people to get insurance. This limits the level of uninsured drivers. Car insurance in Pennsylvania provides that you must be insured and if you drive without insurance, you are breaking the law. There are other people who drive without insurance. Due to this, it might force you to get the uninsured motorist cover in order to be safe in case you are in an accident with an uninsured person. The government insurances remove this possibility.

If you do not qualify for this kind of cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania, you should consider getting it as a group. This is still acceptable under the law. This is where you are all insured as a group. It is easier and will benefit those who do not qualify on their own.

Due to the strict requirements that the government car insurance requires, there are those who do not get it. But this does not mean that they cannot get insurance. They still can get insurance but they will have to use the private insurance providers. Being declined in terms of the government insurance plans does not mean that the private insurance providers will be warned against you. It does not affect your chances of getting cheap insurance in PA.

The best way to know if the government sponsored car insurance in PA is better than the private insurance plans is by comparing them. Enter your zip code in the box on the top of this page and get the quotes from different companies and do your comparison. It is fast and FREE!!