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Guidelines to Follow To Successfully File Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Claim

Depending on the car insurance cover that you have, you can file for your auto insurance claim and get full compensation despite who was at fault. Normally, what makes the claim process to take longer is because the motor vehicle companies of the drivers involved in the accident take a long time to discuss who was at fault. After the discussion, they estimate the fault percentage of each driver so as to get the amount of compensation to be made by each Pennsylvania auto insurance carrier. In Pennsylvania, holding full or limited tort coverage, a policy holder will get compensation regardless of who was at fault or due to the negligence of the other driver. The following are the guidelines that you will follow so as to successfully file your PA auto insurance claim.

1. After the accident, make sure that you check if the other driver has insurance cover. If he has exchange insurance information with the driver, this is very necessary because you will identify the insurance company or type of cover that will compensate you. If he has insurance that provides less cover than yours, file underinsured insurance claim while if he has no insurance then you should file uninsured insurance claim.

2. Call the police to the accident scene to assess it. Both of you will record a statement with the police and they will file their own report. In some instances, they may determine who was at fault.

3. Call you Pennsylvania auto insurance company preferably on the same day of the accident to report the incident, you should also send them your documents supporting your claim.

4. Mail the statement that you had recorded with the police alongside the report that they recorded to your insurance claim. The claim may take a long period depending whether the person at fault has been identified or not. Make sure that you follow up this procedure or checked with the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance to know the number of days required for one’s claim to mature.

5. Mail the same documents to the insurance company of the other driver. The two insurance companies will meet to discuss who was at fault and also to estimate the amount of compensation that each company will pay for. Make sure that you send all the documents that support your claim.

There are a lot of drivers that have filed claims but have not been successful in getting full compensation that they deserve simply because they did not put the law into good use. For you to be able to understand the law regarding filing and getting compensation, enter your zip code on top of this website and you will get regular newsletters from us that will educate you on the law and all the policies from several insurance companies in your local area displaying their claim process.