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Hassle Free Ways to File Auto Insurance Claims in Pennsylvania

As much as it is stressful getting involved in a car accident no matter how small it maybe, it is equally stressful having to deal with the process of filing claims with your current Pennsylvania auto insurance carrier. To give you helpful information and a general idea of what to expect, here are some tips to help you be prepared.

BestCarInsuranceInPennsylvaniaAll car insurance carriers in the US, including the ones in the state of Pennsylvania have various steps that they follow to make the process much manageable and easy. In the past, most of them had a toll free number you could call and talk to a representative of the company about an accident. While many may still have such a method, in the new technological era most of them are now opting that such incidences and clams be made through their websites. To file a claim online, most of the websites may require that you log in to their claims page using a pre issued password and username. You may also be asked to provide other details such as a social security number, a policy number, or a uniquely identifying piece on information. After such identification, the rest is self-explanatory as you follow the step-by-step guide provided in the websites. If you prefer to do it via the toll free number, the representative you call will guide you too.

To be ready when you initiate the process here are a few of the things you might want to have handy with you. First, you will need to have your auto insurance card with you because it contains proof that you have a valid policy and vital information such as your policy number. Other things you need are the details of the accident such as the location of the accident, the date of the occurrence, a detailed account of how the accident transpired. You will also have to have the name, license plate, address and the insurance data of the other party involved in the accident. Next, you have to have the police report number in their police records and the name of the Pennsylvania police department involved if the information is available. These are the main things you need to have with you but your Pennsylvania car insurance carrier may require more information that they require from you.

After this, depending on your Pennsylvania auto insurance company and the nature of your claim, they may ask for more information or get down to it right away. You may be asked to take your vehicle to your insurer’s place of choice but it is not obligatory if it is stated so in your policy but only after damage evaluation has been performed by your Pennsylvania car insurance provider. In special cases, you can bring along your lawyer to handle it better.

For more information about the process of filing car insurance claims in Pennsylvania, you can fill out the form in the start of this page and learn more. Do not go in unprepared!