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Helpful Driving Programs for Senior Drivers in Pennsylvania

Driving is not only a convenience but also an activity that many individuals truly enjoy.  However, none appreciates driving privileges as much as senior citizens or the population of newly retired individuals. To these groups of people driving is a sign of their independence and many of them love to travel – taking 2 or 3-day short trips or even day trips with their significant other.  Many retired or senior drivers might also do less driving as a way to help reduce expenses so they might want to see about Pennsylvania’s cheap car insurance.

As individuals age, there are a number of factors that may affect the driving skills and can hinder an older citizens ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.  The Pennsylvania DOT wants those drivers who are older to be able to maintain their driving independence as long as they are able to drive confidently and safely.

At the age of 65, Pennsylvania senior drivers may begin to renew their driver licenses either by mail or online for a time of 4 years.  These drivers can also choose to renew only their license for a period of 2 years, costing less than 4-year renewal.

PennDOT also has a program that is known as the “Mature Driver Examination Program”.  Every month, PennDOT randomly picks 1650 drivers over 45 years old prior to renewing their license.  The drivers will be request to have a visual and/or medical test before renewed licenses with be issued.  Based on the outcome of “Report for Eye Examination”, the driver might also be required to pass a new road test.

Many seniors wonder if the results of these tests will have some effect on Pennsylvania’s cheap car insurance.  It is advised that if for any reason driving privileges are being suspended or restricted, the senior might want to meet with their insurance agent.

The vision specialist – either an ophthalmologist or optometrist – will do a complete vision exam and access if the eyesight will permit the senior to continue to drive safely.  The vision specialist can prescribe eyeglasses or some other type of vision correction.  Because the senior will be taking a new vision test at PennDOT any recommendation of the vision specialist should be carried out before return to the testing center.

PennDOTS’ standard of vision is 20/40 in at least one eye without or with glasses.  A visual acuity of 20/100 will quickly get the individual a license with restriction on it. PennDOT also allows seniors using bioptic telescopes to help with their vision while driving.  Nevertheless, Pennsylvania’s cheap car insurance might have some regulations concerning this.

PennDOTS also have a program involving Geriatric Care Managers.  If a family member needs help or assistance with addressing the issue of driving with their senior loved one these people are third-party senior care professionals who are trained in how to manage the issues surrounding aging with seniors and their family to achieve a outcome that is positive.

The issue of Pennsylvania’s cheap car insurance might also be an issue as when senior’s skills deteriorate, their car insurance might go up t the point that the senior can no longer afford it.