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How Does the Point System in Car Insurance in Pennsylvania Works

The point system works by having points pinned on a driver’s record every time a traffic infraction is committed. It was put in place to follow up on reckless drivers. Traffic officers monitor these records and if a driver has many points in their driving, record they may be indicted. An indictment could lead to incarceration or suspension of the individual’s license. Each driver’s records can be viewed by Car Insurance in PA; therefore, this means that these points can dictate the rate of Car Insurance in PA. This system however, was put in place a while ago and is currently outdated.

Drivers had to be very careful on the roads since they did not know how many points were piling up in their records. In this system, a driver did not have to be pulled over in order to receive a traffic ticket; if an infraction was committed, your record was just updated with a new point. To discourage further traffic infractions, the government placed very steep fines on persons who accumulated numerous points in their records. Some points grew to be so high for some drivers to an extent that they would end up paying for the fines in a financial plan that would span a number of consecutive years. We would say that the Point System in PA worked because all drivers adhere to all traffic signs and rules like traffic lights and the like. In the end, the state made a lot of money from these fines and penalties and used the money to fund other projects aimed at increasing road safety.

The state of Pennsylvania has a financial system set to assist people in paying for surcharges that runs for a period of 3 years. The system is conviction based meaning it comes into play after one has tried and lost their case in a court of law. If in the event you have caused an accident that resulted in injuries or fatalities, you may have to answer to charges of intoxicated assault; for injuring someone; and intoxicated manslaughter for any fatalities incurred following an accident.

In this case, a completely new system comes into play to try this case. Apart from the legal costs incurred in the court proceedings, you will have to pay other fines leveled against you because of DUI. You will be required to obtain a hardship drivers permit. This is just a temporary permit to allow you to drive a car to and from your various day-to-day activities. Secondly, you will have to pay for a court endorsed drug abuse or counseling program from your own pocket. Since your driver’s license will be suspended, you will have to part with a number of dollars to restore the license in order to continue driving. These and many other fines and penalties have to be paid by the individual in order to continue driving and to avoid incarceration.

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