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How Is SR – 22 Related To Pennsylvania Car Insurance

PennsylvaniaAutoInsuranceIf a driver’s license is suspended, SR22 is required to be submitted. If the Pennsylvania car insurance policy expires, is cancelled or not renewed the insurer is required to file a cancellation of SR22 as per the PA state law. In other scenario, if your filing period is not yet expired then you license will be suspended failing to comply with the SR22 requirement of the state law.

SR22 can be defined as a certificate of insurance policy that shows the PA law department proof of insurance for the future. SR22 is a motor vehicle liability insurance that mandates your insurance company to certify the coverage to the DMV. The insurance company is also obliged to notify the Division of Motor Vehicles if your insurance policy is lapsed or terminated.  The primary reason to file an SR22 is the driver is already being convicted of non-compliance to maintain an auto insurance. However, if anyone is charged with DUI, DWI or some other traffic regulation violations SR22 is also required to be submitted.

Filing an SR22 can have severe effects Pennsylvania car insurance. If you already have auto insurance, it could be terminated by your insurance company. If this happens, your insurer would send SR26 filing to PA DMV department informing that you are no longer compliant with the Financial Responsibility requirements.  In this case, if your driving license is suspended, you would have to find another insurance company or you can request the same company you had purchased the car insurance from to file an SR22 on your behalf so that you can get your license reinstated.

It is not always required for you to own a vehicle to file an SR22. You can ask for a non-owner SR22 from your insurance company. The reason why must an SR22 submitted on your name is to prove that now you are compliant with the Pennsylvania car insurance laws about meeting Financial Responsibility Requirements. It will also help you to reinstate your suspended license back or prevent it from suspension if filed within 30 days of a previous SR22 filing.

Keep it in mind that the SR22 laws and requirements are different in every state and you must honor it. You can very well understand if your driving license is suspended, your insurer will most likely suspend your car insurance too, which will attract more penalties. In this horrible situation if you encounter with a road accident, you can very well imagine the condition. If the third party is injured or the vehicle is damaged, he may file a lawsuit against you. If an SR22 is filed against you, do not lose your patience. Focus and try to comply with the state laws. Accidents are unfortunate and cause lot of damages. To ensure you are on the safer side by being insured, do not repeat the same mistakes again. Abide by the rules and regulations and enjoy the benefits from your insurer.

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