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How Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Works on Car Insurance Requirements

The consistently high rate of car insurance around the world was the major thrust that led to the birth and creation of cheap car insurance companies in several States in the USA. These affordable groups of companies have gone out of their way to make Pennsylvania cheap car insurance available and affordable. The laws enacted by the Pennsylvania state have accomplished what many rules and regulations have attempted before and failed. Vehicle owners and individuals seeking to buy affordable car insurance can now do so and are classified as either full tort or limited tort.

AutoInsurancePolicyInPAFull tort coverage ensures one of full legal rights. In case of an accident or injury involving their vehicle and since it covers all of one’s legal rights, it attracts high premiums. Limited tort, on the other hand, does cover any legal rights and is much cheaper and affordable.  Full tort coverage entitles the vehicle owner to bring a claim or lawsuit for any injuries and damages suffered in a vehicle accident while limited tort entitles one only to limited amounts of money after an accident.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation that is commonly known as PennDOT is mandated to ensure all vehicle owners and drivers meet their financial responsibilities by ensuring they pay for and purchase car insurance covers. This they have ensured is done by stipulating that all vehicle owners and drivers have an affordable and mandatory auto liability policy that meets the set state standards or have purchased personal insurance from individual car insurance companies. The cheapest and most affordable car insurance that allows one to legally drive a car includes $15,000 dollar coverage for personal injury or death, $30,000 coverage per accident and $5,000 property damage insurance. These are the mandatory and cover the bare minimum coverage’s, however one is free to add on optional insurance coverage’s to safeguard themselves from unforeseen risks and to ensure that a minor accident does not have devastating results.

Self-insurance is considered by some drivers to be the easiest and fastest form of car insurance in PA. However, it is expensive and beyond the reach of many average drivers. For one to purchase self insurance, they will be required to submit to PennDOT a completed application form for self assurance, completed master self insurance and security agreement, current bank balance sheet and income statement and a security deposit of $ 50,000 for the first vehicle and $10,000 for each additional vehicle. Self insurance is mostly favored by companies and organizations which large fleets of vehicles although wealthy individuals with several vehicles are also free to take it up.

Individual drivers or those who earn a modest living can still enjoy the benefits of affordable car insurance by visiting the listed companies on the PennDOT website and one is free to select any as they are all accredited and recognized by the state of Pennsylvania. Car insurance is no longer a preserve of the wealth minority but can now be enjoyed by all citizens, residents and visitors irrespective of their social or financial status. Enter your Zip code her to get a look at a list of Pennsylvania cheap car insurance offering affordable and attractive services at your convenience.