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How Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Works With Car Insurance Providers

Pennsylvania car insurance companies work hand in hand with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. This is because the liquor control board in Pennsylvania also determines some of the penalties that one gets in case of drunk driving. It will also be affected with any road offence that involves driving while drunk.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is responsible for issuing license to sell, transport or to store alcohol. It is also going to give you a permit to open a liquor retail store. The government of Pennsylvania is very involved in the selling and buying of liquor. There are rules that regulate both. The board was created under the 21st amendment and its main function was to make the buying and selling of alcohol almost impossible due to the hazardous effects it has if abused. The board is also responsible for giving out information about the effects of alcohol abuse. Currently, there are plans to limit the involvement of the government in the liquor sector.

With both the Pennsylvania car insurance companies and the government keeping a keen eye on the liquor sector, selling liquor can be very complicated. However if you have the permit, you can just sell it with no problem. You might need the help of RAMP if you have just started selling liquor and need help with the details of selling alcohol in Pennsylvania. RAMP will show you the different ways of identifying minors, identifying fake and borrowed identity cards, identify intoxicated and impaired people among other things. It is an offence to sell alcohol to these groups of people and if you do you will face tough consequences.

There are some other places where you can buy alcohol like in restaurants, hotels and clubs. All these also need to have permits. There are some grocery stores that are allowed to sell alcohol as long as they have restaurant operations. The state also has a program that bartenders can attend though it is not mandatory. There are also rules that limit the happy hours and the number of drinks that one can have during this time.

Car insurance in Pennsylvania can be very expensive. When you are issued DUI, the expense will double. It is therefore very important that you follow all the rules provided by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. This will save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise wasted on insurance. You are also encouraged to include in your car insurance policy the uninsured motorist cover. This is just in case you get in to an accident with a driver who is not insured and he or she was driving under the influence.

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