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How to Avoid Steep Penalties of Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Laws

The state of Pennsylvania has strict law concerning auto insurance to help protect every resident and motorists on the state roads. It is imperative that you fully comprehend what the law in the state expects of you and the repercussions you may face for going against them. Most laws are common in most states in the US but they vary when it comes to minimum requirements for liability insurance for motor vehicles. Some of the more common laws have penalties that result one of the following:


•             You may end up having your driver’s license suspended

•             Have your car registration suspended

•             In addition, to the traffic ticket issued to you for the present violation you were pulled over for, you may also get an additional ticket for lack of insurance violation. You may show proof of having auto insurance within a certain period if the law enforcement officer deems it fit. This will apply only if you truly had valid insurance coverage at the time you were cited.

•             You may also have to pay heavy fines in addition to fulfilling other criteria to have your registration and driver’s license reinstated. Moreover, yes, pay for the tickets fines too.

•             You may be required to fulfill the SR-22 requirements stated in line with your violation.

To avoid being caught unawares by the lack of insurance you should never let your car insurance policy go to a lapse and there is only one-way to most effectively do so – pay your premiums on time. To make it easier on you, one of the things you can do is pay your premiums on a yearly basis instead of the monthly subscriptions that you may easily forget and create some cumbersomeness. In addition, some Pennsylvania car insurance companies will give you a discount if you pay annually rather than monthly. You may also facilitate automatic transfer of funds from your bank if you feel you may forget. These are just measures you can take to avoid penalties allowed in the law by car insurance companies in Pennsylvania i.e. suspension of your auto insurance policy after a grace period has passed that could be anywhere between 24 hours and 30 days or even immediately, depending on the carrier’s policy on late payment of premiums.

On the other hand, if it is your choice to cancel your Pennsylvania car insurance policy because maybe you want to sell your vehicle, switch carriers or because you have a seasonal car, make sure you inform both the carrier and the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles. Never assume they will get the picture without informing them. The DMV will be notified that you do not have insurance coverage by the insurance company and if this goes down, the full force of the law will come down on you.

Make sure your understand Pennsylvania auto insurance laws and penalties before you get yourself auto insurance in the state to avoid inconveniences by entering your zip above and learning more. In addition, you get a FREE auto insurance quote!