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How to Deal with DWI in Pennsylvania for the First Time

What it Would Mean to You the First Time Being Arrested For DWI

There are two prosecutions when one is charged of DWI. The first one is, your drivers’ license will be suspended. Then the state will try to convict you of Driving with Intoxication. The field tests, which include blood and breath tests, are most often used by the state to file a DWI case against you.

PennsylvaniaAutoInsuranceUnder the law of Pennsylvania, “intoxication” means:

(A)   One not having the normal use for his own mental faculties for the result of using any alcohol, or any controlled substance, or drug use, especially dangerous drug, or when any combination of two and some times more than 2 of the above occur at the same time, or it could be other substance that the person has in his body

(B)    A person whose alcohol concentration goes up to 0.08 percent, and greater.

In Pennsylvania State, the evidence of intoxication can be:

When they have not performed a blood or breath test on you, the state’s move is to allege you that your field tests had been performed poorly due to your less than normal use of your brain faculties. Then they will continue on to make an argument that your poor performance is a result of you consuming more than legal permit amount of alcohol or other drugs.

Most of the times, the police officers will record their alleged DWI stops. They normally have mobile audio and video equipment in their police cars. Those will be played in court to the judge, or the jury. Moreover, the judge or jury will decide if you looked normal or if any alcohol could be the reason of your poor performance.

The possible outcomes because of your conviction

–          After being convicted of DWI in Pennsylvania, the first thing you shall know is, almost 100% chance is, probation will be placed, and then further jail time will be ordered for you.

–          Most of the times, the length of the probation sentence would be 1-2 years, if it is the first time you are convicted. The amount of the fine will vary for different counties in the state in the amount range of $400 up to $1000. In addition, you would be facing the court costs, surcharges and the probation fees.

–          The worst part is, once you are convicted for DWI, it will be on your record forever and never get erased.

–          There is also one most important consequence for being convicted for DWI. Your auto insurance in Pennsylvania will increase and in many cases, you will be required to have SR-22. This could potentially be destructive to your financial life.

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