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How to Face the Consequences of DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

Due to the long history of fighting against drunk driving and the legislations passed over the years to curb it have made DUIs a crime that is socially frowned upon. Car Insurance in Pennsylvania is also inclined to curbing this vice. One can easily be a social outcast just by having a DUI conviction under their belt. This is mostly because in every society there has to be at least one person who has bore the brunt or has been a executor of DUI. Thing is, someone who cannot get a grip on their drinking to an extent of causing injury or death to someone else is found to be the highest form of irresponsibility. Even within their peers such, an individual is still shunned. This goes to say that the fight against drunk driving is deeply engraved within the psyche of the society. Since the eighties organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have been at the forefront in fighting against this particular vice. Many more have since come up in every state in the United States. Such organizations have been pushing legislators to impose stricter laws against DUI offenders.

One of these organizations championing the imposition of stricter laws, MADD, gave the state of Pennsylvania a high ranking due to its strict stand against DUI and DWI. Different grades are given to different states this is because not all states carry the same strictness when it comes to DUI. In addition to this, different states have different laws governing DUI and DWI in Pennsylvania. The common law is that one is not allowed to drive when intoxicated. This in essence is the level of blood alcohol concentration level. For this reason, it is important to know the different laws upheld by different states whenever you are travelling interstates lest you be arrested and found wanting. If for instance you are travelling from a state like Montana that was graded F by MADD to Pennsylvania, which is graded highly, might land you into trouble if you are unfamiliar with the laws in the different states. Statistics have it that in 2003 close to 21 percent of persons aged 15 years of age and younger were killed as a result of accidents related to drunken driving. These same statistics also had it that around 39 percent of fatalities on the road in 2004 was caused by drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. These statistics are very painful to look at especially taking into account the families that were affected by these fatalities. These statistics are the reason why DUIs are demeaned by the society.

A DUI conviction could easily interfere with someone’s job or hamper your chances of getting a job. If ones DUI arrest comes because of an accident the individual could easily be incarcerated for a long time alongside steep fines. If you are working and the news of your DUI arrest reaches your employer, he may easily terminate your employment. When it comes to looking for employment, most employers usually inquire if you have an arrest record. A DUI arrest record could easily make you lose out on a good job. For more information on the effect of DUI on your Car Insurance in Pennsylvania, enter your Zip at the top of the page.