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Important Facts About Car Insurance Cancellation In Pennsylvania

There are very many reasons why one might want to cancel their insurance policy. There are also reasons why an insurance provider might opt to cancel your policy. In Pennsylvania car insurance, providers are allowed to cancel insurance policies on a number of grounds. The first and most common reason is getting a DUI. This is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Apart from it being a breach of the state and car Insurance laws in Pennsylvania, it is also a ground for your insurance policy to be cancelled.

Another reason why your car insurance might be cancelled is if you do not pay your premiums. The insurance providers are protected by the law in that if you fail to pay your premiums by the due date, they can cancel your policy. You should be very careful that you mark the due dates for insurance payment and also pay it in time. There are some companies that will forgive the first offense and give you a few more days to pay up. However, they are not obliged by the law to do this.

Another valid reason that a company might use to cancel your policy is if you have had too many insurance claims. This is money that the company gives you after you get in to an accident. It will be on the basis that you are making them get a loss. Fraud might also lead to your policy being cancelled.

If the company cancels your insurance policy, you will be notified. They will state their reasons for the cancellation too. If you do not understand their reasons for cancellation, you should write them a letter explaining this to them. The process should be very diplomatic and sorted out after a while. You should know that if your policy is cancelled by the insurance provider, you will not be given your money back.

The other choice is for you to cancel your policy. This is also in accordance with the law. Pennsylvania car insurance rules allow for one to change insurance providers whenever they deem fit. This could therefore be a reason for cancellation. You can also choose to cancel if you are moving form that area and if you are dissatisfied with the services offered by the insurance provider.  If you are the one who has cancelled the policy, the insurance provider is expected to refund you your money. This is required by law. You will however have to give them notice that you are cancelling your insurance policy.

You will have to write a letter to your provider telling them about your decision to cancel your policy. You are required to write down your reasons as well. In regards to the amount of money that you will be refunded, it will depend with your policy and the insurance provider will also get some commission. You will therefore get a little less money than what you had expected.

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