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Kinds of Car Insurance Coverage Offered in Pennsylvania

Most PA citizens are just aware of the mandatory covers that are required by the law. There are however other covers that are offered by the insurance providers. The Pennsylvania government emphasizes that every individual who owns a car to have four basic insurance covers. These are the first person benefit, the liability cover, property liability cover and the tort cover.

The first person benefits or cover is the most basic cover that has to be offered. This cover deals with the medical expenses that you might need when you are involved in an accident. It will cover the medical expenses, excluding the passengers or any other parties that are injured. It will also not cover the property damage. The liability cover on the other hand is a cover that will protect you from being sued by other people. This is one of the basic insurance covers that you must have if you are in Pennsylvania.

Basic car insurance in Pennsylvania also includes the property liability cover. This cover will now deal with the damage of property. The tort cover also has to do with being sued. In this cover, you increase your chances of suing the people or company responsible for the accident. There are two kinds: a semi tort, which is partial as the name suggests, and the full tort, which gives you full power.

There are also other covers that most people do not know about. The collision cover is one of them. According to this car insurance cover, you will be protected from the damages that will happen to your car if you are involved in an accident. This is not considered one of the must have car insurance in Pennsylvania. Comprehensive cover is also another type of car insurance cover in Pennsylvania. This cover provides that in case the car is stolen, the insurance company should pay you the exact amount that the car would cost at that moment. This is also not mandatory.

The least common car insurance covers in Pennsylvania are the uninsured and under-insured covers. For the uninsured, this is insurance in case you are involved in an accident with someone who is not insured. You should know that the uninsured motorist is at fault but it is better to be insured to avoid spending so much later. The under-insured cover will protect you if you are involved in an accident with a person whose insurance is not enough to cover for the accident. This is only applicable if it is the other under-insured party that is to blame for the accident.

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