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Learn How Pennsylvania DWI And DUI laws Can Be Able To Impact Your Driving

This article will focus on the basic details of the DWI and DUI laws in Pennsylvania and how they can have an impact on your driving. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or intend to visit this state in the near future, you should have a good understanding of these laws particularly if you are looking forward to facilitating yourself of the exclusive benefits of auto insurance in Pennsylvania.

DUI refers to driving under the influence and DWI means driving while impaired. In addition to these laws, you will also encounter DAI legislations in Pennsylvania which refers to driving after imbibing. The laws pertaining to drunk driving in this state are quite severe and in the event of being charged you may have to seek the services of a criminal defense attorney specializing in drunken driving cases to assist you.

According to the DUI laws in PA, an arrest relating to drunken driving can lead to two types of cases. One is the a criminal court case with multiple consequences that can vary from a fine, loss of driving privilege, a direction to take part in a mandatory alcohol awareness and education program to a jail sentence. The other case involves revoking of the driving license of the person charged with driving under the influence. This will be a separate case triggered by the Department of Transportation Pennsylvania.

The punishment will depend on the level of alcohol in the charged person’s system. This is measured by the BAC index which indicates the blood alcohol level. The lowest level of charges will be enacted if you are caught with a BAC ranging between .08 and .099. If the level is identified to be within 0.1 to .159 it will be considered in the intermediate level and a BAC over the limit of .16 will be regarded as the most severe offense in this regard.

There are specific Pennsylvania car insurance laws covering alcohol related driving offenses. However, in PA it is not mandatory to obtain the SR 22 insurance if you are charged with an alcohol associated driving offense.

Another point to remember is that in PA, there will be different penalties depending on the number of drunken driving arrests you have faced. With each arrest, the severity of punishments will be graver. Typically, a DUI based arrest punishment will take in to calculation the number of arrests made within a period of ten years. For example, a first arrest with a BAC indicator of .08 will induce a probation period of 6 months including a $300 fine plus mandatory participation of a program at the Alcohol Highway Safety School. There will also be a CRN evaluation conducted in order to verify if the driver is suffering from any chronic alcohol or drug problem. If similar offenses continue for the third time and if the BAC rate indicates .16, the driver faces at least one year imprisonment along with a minimum fine of $2,500, 1 year mandatory ignition interlock, driving license suspension for a period of 18 months and the CRN evaluation as specified by the PA DUI laws.

Though it is not mandatory to get your SR22 insurance when divining in Pennsylvania, shopping around for the best deals of auto insurance in Pennsylvania is always a sound idea because it will help you in saving a great deal of money in the event of being charged with a DWI or DUO conviction. If you choose the wrong provider, you will end up paying unnecessary huge amounts. For more vital information, enter your ZIP code in the box above and we will provide you with all the information so you can compare car insurance in PA rates within minutes.