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Overview of the Drunk Driving Laws and Relation to Car Insurance in PA

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the leading states that have declared to combat the increasing rates of vehicular accidents. Studies show that the main cause of accidents related to automobiles is the fact the some drivers are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This article provides information about the car insurance in PA and the other measures, which the state has taken in order to solve the problem of drunk driving.

Driving under the influence of either drug or alcohol is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States of America. Many people, despite the presence of strict driving laws in different states, are still driving even when they are intoxicated. They have disregarded the fact that laws are an important component of a state and its inhabitants. Laws are formulated by the state in order to protect the people living under its area of responsibility from harm. It is important for people to be protected from harm, the right to live is one of the fundamental rights of a person. When a person is harmed, his life is threatened, this is because physical injuries have the capacity to determine whether a person would die or not. Thus, in protecting the local population from all harms that may come and cloud their lives, the state has enacted various DWI and DUI laws in PA.

Over the recent years, driving under the influence of drug and alcohol has been the constant threat to life. Driving while intoxicated is not only a threat to the life of the person driving but also to the lives of the people around him. When a person under the influence drives, most especially in the freeway, he endangers the lives of his fellow motorists. He endangers the lives of his fellow motorists because he has a high chance of encountering an accident by hitting them. In addition, he is indirectly endangering the lives of the people who are dependent on the person whom he is injured. With this knowledge at hand, the state has adopted measures in order to eliminate the threat or if not, at least decrease the threats to the lives of its citizens. The state then formulated different laws that govern and regulate the driving community within its jurisdiction.

The state of Pennsylvania is one of the first states that has adopted strict drunk-driving laws and heavily punished the people who are caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The penalties imposed upon the traffic law violators include being imprisoned or paying a fine or both. With these high penalties in store for the violators, people are discouraged from committing this crime. As a result, the state of Pennsylvania has reduced the number of car related accidents over the years.

Another mode by which the state of Pennsylvania tries to eliminate car related accidents is by requiring aspiring drivers to avail car insurances. These car insurances serve as financial protection that would assure that the financial liabilities of the accidents are secured. The state of Pennsylvania has created insurance plans that are affordable for all. The state guarantees its citizens that even if these car insurance plans are cheap, they are still of the top of the line quality.

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