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Penalties For Pennsylvania Car Insurance Violations

Depending on the type of default, there are different car insurance penalties for different violations and whether you are charged in a court of law or not. There are strict Pennsylvania car insurance laws and traffic police are very vigil and always on the look-out for defaulters. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and the states Department of Motor Vehicles sets the rules and penalties that defaulters will face. This is not just to punish the mistake made by the motorists but also to protect them from losses and expenses caused by accidents. According to a 2008 survey, the state had 2.8 million drivers travelling its roadways but only 9% of the motorists’ population had insurance cover. These penalties were introduced to curb this dangerous and costly behavior. Some of the penalties include:

> Suspension of driver. Drivers not compliant with the Pennsylvania car insurance laws are liable to having their driver’s license suspended. The license may be suspended for a minimum of 30 days or a longer period if the motorist is charged in a court of law. During this suspension period, the driver is not allowed to drive any car for whatever reason. This may reduce your productivity since you will be late to work or not be able to deliver your goods or products to the market on time if you are in the business industry. This may lead to huge monetary losses and loss of customers or conflicts at work with your boss as you will be arriving to work late, you will also waste a lot of money to hire a taxi.

> Suspension of car. The registration of your car will be suspended too for a minimum period of one month. This means that the car cannot be driven even by a driver who is not suspended nor has a valid license. This will render the car useless for all this period reducing its efficiency and productivity.

> Fines. Alongside reinstatement costs for your driver’s license and vehicle registration restoration, non-compliant drivers are subject to fines too. The monetary penalty for lapse in Pennsylvania auto insurance is $300 with another $300 for driving without proof of insurance and more if you are not insured. You will also be charged $450 for you to restore your vehicles registration and another $50 to have your driver’s license back.

> Jail term. You can be sentenced to a jail term depending on whether you have caused a very fatal accident and charged in a court of law. You will lose a lot of time and this will interfere with your life as it may be very difficult for you to be employed after serving your jail term.

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