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Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Requirements that All Drivers Must Have

All the drivers in Pennsylvania must have car insurance to be allowed to operate it. Accidents as well as damages may be extremely expensive. It is for this reason why the Transportation Department of Pennsylvania has made it mandatory for all the drivers to have Pennsylvania car insurance on their cars so that the expenses are effectively handled. In addition, the drivers are expected to meet financial responsibility placed by the Transportation Department of Pennsylvania to drive their cars. You can either be self-insured or purchase a car liability policy to establish your financial stability. However, the policy must meet the standard placed by the state.

1. Insurance protection: For your car to be registered and start driving it in Pennsylvania, it is mandatory to have liability insurance protection. For property damage insurance, you are required to pay $5000. You are also required to pay $15000 for death or injury insurance. This is to cover death of one person for every single accident. In addition, you are required to pay $30000 for death or injury insurance in case a single accident happens and several people die or get injured. These are just minimum standards placed by the Transportation Department of Pennsylvania. According to experts of car insurance in PA, it is advisable to have more liability insurance protection. This is because the damages caused during accidents are extremely high and there are also lawsuits involved. In order to deal with these financial problems, it is better to go for higher liability insurance that is favorable to your budget.

However, it is advisable not to rush and purchase car insurance coverage because the premium costs can be high especially if you are a young driver. So, it is of essence to investigate coverage including rates by searching on the internet or calling insurance carriers using their helpline provided on their official websites.

2. Proof of insurance: Transportation Department of Pennsylvania requires drivers to issue proof of insurance because it doesn’t deal directly with the insurance coverage. To meet minimum coverage of auto insurance in Pennsylvania state, you must provide an insurance identification card. In case you don’t have the card, you can provide your policy declaration page. You must also provide insurance binder. It is worth noting that you will be expected to submit proof insurance once the binders date has expired.

Another requirement is Assigned Risk Plan form that is issued by the state. The insurance agent must sign this form to proof is correct. The Transportation Department of Pennsylvania will also require a letter from your insurance company to identify your current coverage. The letter must be duly signed by an insurance company agent.

In case you have not provided the Pennsylvania car insurance requirements you will not be allowed to drive the car and if found doing so, you may face serious penalties. For instance, you may be charged more than $300 in case you don’t have insurance coverage. Your driver’s license can also be suspended. In some cases, you may be requested to pay $50 for a driver’s license or registration reinstated fees.