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Pennsylvania Car Insurance Laws and Regulations

All drivers and car owners in Pennsylvania must purchase and maintain financial responsibility of their vehicles at all times. It must also be renewed on expiry or be subjected to punitive measures which include registration suspension for up to three months. This means the vehicle is no longer registered and is not recognized by law hence cannot be driven during the months of suspension. Should one be found driving a vehicle with suspended registration, their individual driver’s license is immediately suspended for three months. They are also required to surrender the vehicles license plate, registration sticker and the driver’s license to the authorities with immediate effect.

The Pennsylvania rules also stipulates that one found driving a vehicle without the required and valid Pennsylvania car insurance is liable to various penalties which include a minimum fine of $300, restoration fee for vehicle registration and drivers license and impoundment fees. These are additional to the three months suspension of both vehicle and drivers license.  It is in one’s own interest to ensure that they have all the mandatory insurance and licenses for their vehicles to avoid any inconveniences.

There are mandatory as well as optional coverage’s for the average Pennsylvania driver and the must-haves include Medical benefits of minimum $5,000. Body-injury liability is of minimum $15,000 for one person and $30,000 for an accident or incident, Property-damage liability of minimum $5,000, which covers damages to a person’s property in an accident and Limited or full tort coverage which varies with ones needs and requirements. Optional coverage’s recognized by Pennsylvania law include Uninsured Motorist coverage for bodily harm or injury, Underinsured Motorist for bodily harm which results in bills that overstretch the insurance amount , funeral benefits, income loss, collision, comprehensive coverage and extraordinary medical benefits. Others include accidental death benefits, rental reimbursement coverage for rented cars, towing coverage as well as gap coverage to make up for any deficits in insurance amounts.

The rates payable for both mandatory as well as optional coverage’s are determined through a rigorous process called underwriting. This is where the insurance company through an agent will carry out an investigative process to help them decide whether you are acceptable as a client or policy holder. This is to protect both the PA auto insurance company and the individual from unscrupulous deals and eminent loses. The insurance companies are bound by law to ensure they do not reject any customer through unfair discrimination based on ones race, religion, nationality, sex or occupation. All applicant must by law be treated and judged fairly and one is free to pursue any case they deem to be unfair.

The commonwealth of Pennsylvania is governed by car insurance laws and regulations, which are available online on the official government website. All you need to do is to enter your zip code and you will get a list of all accredited and authorized Pennsylvania car insurance vendors in the greater Pennsylvania area. Save time and money by inputting your zip code here.