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Pennsylvania Car Insurance Minimum Requirement Laws

The basic requirement s of car insurance law in the state of Pennsylvania is laid down by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles and is enforced by all law enforcement agencies and their officers on the ground. This is so as to protect and serve the residents of the state in a more efficient manner.

One most important thing to note is that the law concerning car insurance in PA expects all motorists and car owners have car insurance from an auto insurance company that is authorized and registered to operate in the state. This means by purchasing auto insurance from such a carrier that has adhered to the state requirements; you are also abiding to the statutory laws by extension. These laws will protect you in case of an accident and if well followed, will ensure that you do not end up with a suspended or revoked license and registration in addition to the numerous other penalties that the state may impose on you for violations. Some of them are very costly and you may even end up serving some time in jail in more serious cases.

In case you get involved in an accident in the state of PA, you will have vast liabilities to deal with. In such instances, the state has outlined in the law the minimum liability insurance coverage that each and every private car owner should have to be able to pay for expenses incurred due to an accident you caused. The lowest coverage is for damage or destruction of property by an accident and stands at $5,000 for every accident. On the other hand, the highest state required minimum coverage is $30,000 for every accident in which more than one person has suffered bodily harm or even death. For the injury or death of one person, the minimum liability coverage is set at $15,000. This is what the government requires of every motorist in PA but is not all you have to have. This is mainly because this coverage is for the benefit of the other driver or the other property owner to help protect them and their property in case of an accident. You will need to get additional coverage for yourself for injuries and damage to your property in the event of an accident.

For example, a Pennsylvania car insurance comprehensive policy will be able to cover for damages that are beyond either party’s help like fire, vandalism, floods or other natural occurrences. It is wise to take a very keen look at what your insurance company take is on such matters and evaluate if you should accept the terms or change your policy or provider altogether.

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