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Post Accident Procedures Under Pennsylvania Car Insurance Regulations

Pennsylvania car insurance law is pretty much straight forward and some guidelines are available from many resources including the Pennsylvania driver’s handbook and the internet. These guidelines help you follow a certain acceptable way of dealing with an auto accident situation and are derived from the Pennsylvania Transportation code which is a collection of the statutes in the state of Pennsylvania. Here the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance is the regulator and enforcer of the laws governing auto insurance in the state. The basic law if the state is the mandatory possession of financial responsibility in case of an accident.

Financial responsibility under the car insurance laws in Pennsylvania come in different forms but the most basic is the state required minimum requirement that is $5000 for damage to property per accident, $15000 for physical injury or death to one person and $30000 for an accident in general. This is the state required minimum and offers the most basic cover of which will only cover the other driver or owner of property. This means that you will need additional coverage for yourself. The other way to show financial responsibility is by filing for a surety bond or by self insuring yourself if you have a fleet of 25 or more vehicles.

For auto insurance in Pennsylvania purposes, when you get involved in a car accident, you are required to halt no matter how little the damage is. If the vehicles are in a moving state, take them to the side of the road so as not to obstruct traffic. In case they cannot move, help the injured or trapped out of the wreckage and call the emergency numbers for assistance. Get information on the other party’s insurance carrier, driver’s license, and car plates, make model and any other information that may be of use to your Pennsylvania car insurance. If the accident is serious to the extent of major injuries or even death, the police must be informed without hesitation.

After all the above steps have been followed, you may also get vital contact details from the witnesses to the accident and give the information to your carrier of auto insurance in Pennsylvania. You may also gather further information such as the copy of the accident report by the authorities.

It is, however, important to note that you are protected by the law under the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance regulation. Some car insurance providers will try to hike your rates after an accident and this is not acceptable. The law also protects you from the companies should they refuse to renew your policy for auto insurance in Pennsylvania after an accident when you were not at fault. Such cases should be taken to the PID for a solution to be reached on the matter.

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