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Questions Answered about Getting Compensation and Cancellation of Pennsylvania Car Insurance

1. How do I get compensation from a self insured driver?

BestCarInsuranceInPennsylvaniaTo get compensation from a self insured driver, you must first understand what the term means. To be self insured in Pennsylvania is not as complicated as it may sound. It simply means that instead of organizations and businesses opting to purchase auto insurance in Pennsylvania which is generally considered costly and paying the monthly premiums that are extremely pricey, they put aside a certain amount of money that will act in the capacity that insurance coverage act i.e. in case of a vehicle accident, they will tap into this amount to settle costs and claims that may arise. To get compensation from a driver covered under such insurance, you will have to visit their offices and ask to see whoever is in charge of such claim which is commonly the legal affairs department and in small businesses you may ask to see the owner or director to have your claim looked at. You should carry with you a detailed file on the exact nature and amount of your claim along with all the supporting documents. Such documents may include storage and towing bills, medical bills, repair bills and other related costs. You should also bear a demand letter containing the specifics of the claim you are making including a pain and suffering estimate in monetary terms for what you may have gone through. However if the organization disputes the claim, then you can consider legal remedy for the situation by filing a suite in a court of law.

2. How do I cancel my policy with a Pennsylvania car insurance company?

Cancelling a policy you have had in the past can be brought about by many reasons the most common being that you are selling off your vehicle or because a family member had passed away and the coverage is no longer needed. You may also need to cancel a policy before changing to another policy or provider. Either way, you will need to contact your company of auto insurance in Pennsylvania and inform them of the move. Do not assume that they will take a hint after premiums have elapsed. Follow whatever instruction they demand of you and if there are any unused premiums in case the policyholder died, ask for a refund. However, the most important thing to do after this is to inform the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles of the cancellation and the basis for the action taken. You may also be required to return the vehicle’s registration tags and license plates. This is crucial to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law for an issue that is not your fault.

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