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Recidivism – How It Affects Your Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania

Recidivism refers to repeat DUI and DWI offenders. For Auto Insurance in Pennsylvania, this has been an issue that they have been trying to curb over the years. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation pushes the insurance companies to institute higher premiums for persons convicted with DUI or DWI, especially repeat offenders. The tough penalties on such offenders were purposely put in place to ward off repeated drunk driving charges. This may have worked to some extent but repeat offenders are still arrested every day. Drunk driving is among the major causes of accidents that cause fatalities and serious injuries in Pennsylvania.

Despite the law, doing its part in imposing stiffer penalties against such offenders, some still say that the system is hell bent on harshly judging first DUI and DWI offenders. What they may not realize is that some of these first time offenders tend to stray into Recidivism and end up costing many people their lives and livelihoods. Arresting such offenders and sentencing them to compulsory rehabilitation may do more than just wait for them to do something major in order to incarcerate them. This is because some of these offenders may be alcoholics and may have just been arrested by chance since they may have been committing the offence for years without being found out.

Statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation have it that persons arrested with a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.08 percent have a higher chance of slipping into Recidivism than other persons. Such persons will most likely have multiple traffic infraction in their driving records. This in itself should stand as a early sign of Recidivism.

The government, over the years, has been trying every possible method to curb this particular vice with minimum success. This was not until the inception of the Ignition Interlocking Device (IID). This device employs a similar technology to the breathalyzer test gadget. It is installed into a vehicle and requires a breath sample from the driver in order to start the vehicle. The device is able to recognize a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of up to 0.02 percent. Once the IID device recognizes the breath sample submitted by the driver is of a BAC level of 0.02 percent or higher, in disables the vehicle from starting. Since the driver is unable to start the vehicle, he will have no other option but to either request someone else to drive him or her home or alternatively call for a taxicab. This device has recently been recognized as the best hindrance to drunk driving.

Repeat offenders in Pennsylvania are ordered by the court to have this device installed into their vehicle. In case the offender is part of a family that has multiple vehicles, the court orders that the device must be installed on all vehicles owned by the family. This is done to avoid the offender from using one of the family`s vehicles when intoxicated.

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