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Requirements and Penalties for Pennsylvania Car Insurance of PennDot

The regulating authority commonly referred to as PennDOT requires all drivers and vehicle owners to submit details and documents showing that they have met the State’s minimum car insurance requirements. These include a valid insurance identification card or policy declaration form and a signed letter from your insurance company highlighting the type and duration of insurance cover you have with them. Additional documents include an insurance binder and a Pennsylvania assigned risk plan application that must be signed and authorized by your insurance company.

Failure to submit any of these documents to the PennDOT leads to the assumption that your vehicle is not insured, as there is no proof of insurance hence is being driven illegally on the road. Should you be stopped and it is found that your vehicle lacks the appropriate insurance documentations; there are several repercussions which are determined by varying circumstances. If stopped and identified as an uninsured vehicle on the road, one will be charged and may face fines such as a minimum of $300 or more for driving without a license, three months deregistration of both the vehicle and the drivers license and a $50 each vehicle registration reinstatement fee  and drivers license reinstatement fee accordingly. The vehicle is therefore grounded and so is the driver as none of them can either move or drive without the required registration and licenses.

After all these fines have been paid and licenses have been withdrawn, one then receives an official letter from PennDOT stating that their driving privileges have been suspended for three months. The letter also outlines the steps and procedures one should take on the suspension expiry to ensure they get reinstated their driving licenses and vehicle registration.

The state of Pennsylvania recognizes teen and mature drivers who are the senior citizens and will issue valid car insurance in PA to them at additional costs. This is mainly because they are considered high risk drivers due to their age.  A teen driver is normally insured under the parent’s insurance coverage at an additional cost and since drivers under the age of 25 are considered high risk, the premiums payable are usually higher.  Mature drivers or senior citizens over the age of 55 are required to take an additional driving test which checks their driving skills and ability to see. These tests also come with a rider that one who passes is eligible to earn a reduced rate on car insurance.  Senior citizens are also required to take driving test every three years to ensure their driving skills and vision is still sharp.

All these rules and regulations may seem punitive and unfair but they have enabled the State to record lower incidences and numbers of fatal car accidents in the recent years.

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