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Requirements for Having Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania asks from drivers to meet its financial responsibility requirements in a way of liability car insurance in PA or self-insurance in order to drive a vehicle. Accidents are very expensive and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation needs to know you have the means of taking care of the possible expenses that come upon you. There are several ways to establish financial responsibility and the choice is yours. These are to have an auto liability policy that meets the state is standards or being self-insured.

If your vehicle has to be registered, you must at least have the next liability auto insurance in Pennsylvania protection in order to drive by the law: $15000 of coverage for an injury or death to one person in a one accident, $30000 of coverage for injuries or deaths to more than one person in a one accident, $5000 of property damage insurance. Nevertheless, these are just the minimum standards.

Insurance experts suggest that drivers take with them much more protection than what is required. As the liability insurance article says, causing an accident can be financially devastating, due to the direct expenses that happen, as well as possible lawsuits.

To keep safe yourself from these risks, it is best to have as much liability insurance as you can manage to pay. Other supplemental insurance is also available to keep safe your investment in your vehicle; learn more about the options on your types of coverage page. But insurance premium costs can be a problem, particularly for younger drivers. Take some time to look into rates as well as coverage’s by doing internet searches, or by asking the toll-free numbers provided by insurance companies. Even though carrying auto insurance in Pennsylvania is the easiest and wisest choice for most, some drivers may want to satisfy the state’s financial responsibility requirements through self-insurance. To do so, you’ll need to send the following to PennDOT: completed form for self-insurance, finished master self-insurance and security agreement, your current balance sheet and income statement, security deposit of $50000 for one vehicle, and $10000 for each extra vehicle.

If you fail to satisfy these requirements you can do one of the following things. If you as soon as possible turn in your plates to PennDOT, you won’t face any punishments aside from not being able to drive your vehicle. The same thing is true if your insurance lapse was less than thirty one days and you can provide proof you didn’t drove your vehicle during this time. Otherwise, this can happen to you: $300 or more fine for operating your vehicle without Pennsylvania car insurance, three-month registration and driver’s license taken away from you, $50 registration reinstatement fee, $50 driver’s license reinstatement you will have to pay. We hope that by following this basic info you will be able to successfully insure your personal vehicle without any problems. Always make sure to follow regulations if you want your vehicle to stay insured at all times without any problems.