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Requirements of Cancelling Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

As a motorist in Pennsylvania, you are required to maintain continuous auto insurance but you are allowed to cancel at anytime that you feel fit during the auto insurance policy term. However, in case you cancel it you must replace it but according to the state’s Department of Insurance laws. First, before cancelling you must be aware and keep in mind of the auto insurance requirements.


To comply with the law, you must carry bodily injury coverage of at least $15,000 per person, $30,000 for an accident and $5,000 for property damage. In addition you must also carry $5,000 for medical benefit coverage benefit; this will cover the policy holder in the event of an accident that he is at fault. Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, every motorist is a los required to carry additional car insurance in Pennsylvania called personal injury protection. This kind of cover protects the motorist is case of an accident regardless of who causes the accident. The state also gives motorists the option of full or limited tort coverage.

* Carrier cancellation. PA auto insurance policy carriers are allowed by the law to verify the accuracy of applications and newly issued insurance policies. The carrier must complete the verification and underwriting within the first 60 days of the policy period. During this time, the policy carrier has the right to cancel the policy if the policy holder is found to have a lot of inaccuracies, unwanted driving histories and other unacceptable risks that were not revealed during the application process. The policy carrier is permitted to cancel the auto insurance policy at any time during the policy period if the driver is found guilty of driving the vehicle under the influence of drugs or for nonpayment of policy premiums.

* Insured request. Policy holders that wish to cancel their policies must replace it with another one preferably with no-lapse in coverage. Motorists that experience lapse in coverage can have their cars and licenses suspended for a minimum of three months if the lapse lasts for 31 days or more. Noncompliant drivers are also punished by being fined $300 for driving uninsured, $50 for restoration of their vehicle registration and another $50 for restoration of their driving license.

* Options. Drivers that are unable or unwilling to maintain their insurance coverage due to personal reasons have an option of cancelling their car Insurance in Pennsylvania. Remember that driving uninsured is a crime in Pennsylvania so for these motorists to avoid penalties, they must surrender their driving license, vehicles registration plate and sticker. Drivers that fail to surrender these documents become subject to noncompliant penalties and suspensions.

Different car insurance in PA companies have different laws and guidelines for cancelling car insurance, you can get this information regularly and for free by entering your zip code on top of this website. The good thing is that the information will enable you to make a comprehensive comparison of the different car insurance companies even those in your local area.