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Simple Guide for Young Drivers to Obtain Junior Driver’s License in Pennsylvania

After 6 months and after the teen has completed 65 hours of practical driving instruction from a driver instructor or a parent, they may apply for their junior license.  Parents should check with their insurance agents to make certain that the proper amount of car insurance in Pennsylvania is being carried on the car and is up to date.

In order to set up a time to take the actual driving portion of their test, the teen can either schedule it by calling 1-800-423-5542 or by going online with their school or home computer to schedule this time.

When scheduled to take this test, the driver must be at the Driver License Center in PA on time and must bring the following items:

•             Valid Learner’s permit

•             Form DL-180C – which is the parent or guardian certification if the teen is under 18 years of age and certifies that the 65 hours of training has been completed and this document needs to be sign in the presence of a notary, driver license examiner, skills test teacher or motorcycle safety instructor.

•             Proof of car insurance in Pennsylvania

•             Proof of car registration

•             Accompanied by valid driver and that person needs to have their valid driver’s license

If the teen meets these requirements and passes the driving test, then the teen will be issued what is referred to as a junior driver’s license.

The restrictions for the junior driver’s are not the same as the learners permit.   As of Dec.27, 2011, any teen with a junior driver’s license for the first 6 months after obtaining that license, is only allowed to have one passenger under the age of 18 who is not a member of the driver’s immediate family in the car the teen is driving unless also accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.   An immediate family member is designated to be a brother, stepbrother, sister, stepsister, foster or adopted child who is living in the same home as the junior driver.

If the person with the junior driver’s license has not been found guilty of a driving offense or has been partly or totally at fault for a accident that was serious enough to be reported after 6 months, they are then allowed to have in the car up to 3 passengers under the age of 18 who are not members of the drivers immediate family without having a legal guardian or parent in the car with them.

If the teen with the junior license has any violations or have been deemed partly or totally responsible for a vehicle accident, they will again be restricted to only 1 passenger 18 years or younger who is not a family member in the car without a parent or guardian. Any violations will also be reflected on car insurance in Pennsylvania.

It should also be noted here that any driver or occupant in an automobile who is under 18 years of age has to be wearing a correctly fastened and adjusted seat belt and any child under the age of 8 must be fastened securely in a childhood system of restraint. This is a new law added to the seat belt laws and failure is consider a principal offense, which means that the driver is solely responsible for any violation.   Moreover, any violation of the law will be reflected on car insurance in Pennsylvania since this violation is considered a primary one.