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Some Penalties to Suffer from Violating Car Insurance Laws in Pennsylvania

Most of us are aware that to drive in Pennsylvania we must all have car insurance. However, are we aware of the other fundamental laws that are related to car insurance in Pennsylvania? Knowing the laws will protect you from additional expenses and penalties.

The major problem with the drivers is even if they are insured, they do not know particularly about their coverage. They do not know their coverage details. When you purchase car insurance in Pennsylvania, read the terms and conditions very well. If you do not understand any part of it, ask your insurance agent to explain it further. Drivers do not pay attention to their insurance details unless they get to meet accident.

Make sure the car you are driving has a valid registration number. The car registration should not be driven if it is suspended. You need to wait till the registration is reinstated.

Carry at least one proof of your car insurance in PA. If your car insurance policy is about to expire do not take chance. At least 31 days prior to the date it expires you should contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. If you determine not to purchase or renew your policy carry the license plates to PennDOT. Failing to do these you may face the following penalties:

PennsylvaniaAutoInsurance•             Not less than $300 fine.

•             Suspension of the driving license and car registration number for 90 days.

•             $50 will be charged to reinstate the driving license

•             Additional $50 required to reinstate your vehicle registration number.

If you are asked to stop your vehicle while driving on the road for traffic violation the cops can ask to show proof of insurance. Additionally, they can ask you for BAC test if they suspect you are driving under influence. Do not do the mistake to refuse the test if you are afraid to get caught because this will only worsen the situation and everything will go against you. Implied consent laws would apply for the refusal of chemical test in Pennsylvania. For the first instance, you may undergo your license suspension for 12 months and an ‘Ignition Lock’ on your license reinstatement. On the second instance the license suspension period increases from 12 months to 18 months, Ignition Lock restriction remains the same.

If you get caught drunk driving in addition to your license suspension you will have to pay fine, your insurer will have to file SR-22 on your behalf. You will be under probation period and have to attend certain places such as community service, highway safely school etc.

Regarding your responsibility when you encounter an accident, it is possible that you are completely lost about what to do when an accident occurs. Do not delay to call up your insurer about the same. If the damage is severe but your coverage is low to make up the loss a lawsuit can be filed against you. It is recommended that you know your requirements and choose a perfect plan to cover you when you are in trouble. Auto Insurance laws in Pennsylvania are strict in terms of implication. Do not take this lightly. After all, auto insurance laws are designed to protect you.

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