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Requirements for Pennsylvania Insurance Department for Having Your Own Car insurance

On 2008, the insurance governing body, Pennsylvania Insurance Department, had employed over 2.3 million Americans. All these people are skilled professionals who are entrusted to insure people, home, cars and businesses. This body also regulates the insurance field as it sets the rules and standards that investors are required to meet so as to be able to penetrate into the market. The case is the same when it comes to Pennsylvania car insurance. The investors must pass several hours of approved course work, pass a background investigation and also comply with continuing education requirements. This auto insurance department also states and determines the kind of products or services auto insurance brokers can offer with the interest rates and the amount of premiums that they can charge. Below are some of the requirements.

PennsylvaniaAutoInsurance* Pre-licensing. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department requires that every investor that wishes to be insurance provider to complete 24 hours of pre-license coursework. This course covers ethics, insurance laws and types of cover so as to ensure that every insurance provider is not just after the customers’ money but also aims at providing comprehensive cover to them, ensure that they comply with the law and also ensure that they offer the appropriate type of cover.

* Testing. Insurance drivers must pass the insurance examination with a minimum score of at least 70%. This is meant to ensure and maintain standards in the Pennsylvania car insurance field and keep off unscrupulous insurance providers with no insurance background from penetrating into the market.

* Background check and fingerprinting. After passing the insurance examination, the investors are required to provide their background criminal report and their finger prints. This protects the customers as criminals who may have an intention of penetrating the market just to steal from the customers will be discovered.

As a customer or driver in Pennsylvania, you are required to know all these information to help you when shopping from your insurance company. Nowadays, a lot of people are very busy and working tirelessly to make their ends meet thanks to the harsh economic conditions. This has led to a lot of people have very little time to shop for car insurance hence depend on online resources while shopping. These people depend on customer reviews and testimonials to build their confidence and trust in PA auto insurance company. The bad thing is that some companies only display the good reviews and testimonials to attract a lot of customers and to increase their sales. This has misled a lot of customers. Knowing the insurance governing body and its requirements, Pennsylvania Insurance Department, will help you to follow up on potential car insurance brokers and know all its background and current information to help you in making your decision.

This website allows you to compare the background of various car insurance companies that will help you in making a sound decision in choosing your car insurance company. You won’t need to rely on customer reviews. You will get this information by entering your zip code on top of this website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Paying Monthly Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Premiums

Auto insurance is meant to protect you, your passengers and your vehicle from expenses and losses that are caused by an accident. You have to make an agreement with insurance company of your choice that through your payment they will compensate you. Most companies give you an option of paying your Pennsylvania auto insurance premiums in manageable monthly payments instead of making a huge lump sum one. With the increased need of saving extra cash monthly, here are the advantages and disadvantages of paying monthly Pennsylvania auto insurance premiums.


1. Easier on your monthly budget, making a huge annual lump sum is not manageable. Most people are on a monthly salary and their income is reduced by their monthly expenses. Therefore, have a budget on how they are going to spend their money monthly. Making small amounts each month is manageable that annual lump sum and you will pay your premiums easily with no default or lapse. Remember that in Pennsylvania, you are supposed to carry continuous insurance. Failure to comply with this will lead to fines and suspensions.

2. More flexible. Paying for your auto insurance in Pennsylvania monthly will give you an opportunity to change your auto insurance carrier when you wish to do so as compared to paying upfront. With many auto insurance carriers penetrating the market, you will sure get a discount or cheaper policy. It is good to shop around for cheaper policies so as to save extra cash.

3. Provides more liquidity. Holding on to your money for as long as possible will help you to capitalize on any money making opportunities that arise. Making monthly PA car insurance premiums will enable you to save more money and have enough money with yourself to capitalize on any money making opportunity or meet your needs.


1. It is inconvenient

2. Includes processing fees

A Guide for Filing Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Claims

With the very increasing number of motorists and vehicles on the roads of Pennsylvania, it has become inevitable to file auto insurance claim since it is difficult to avoid accidents. Pennsylvania auto insurance companies deal with certainties. If an individual has a high possibility of filing for insurance claim, that individual will be charged high interest rate. As a policy holder you are eligible for filing auto insurance but there are individuals who are not able to get auto insurance since they do not understand the procedures of filing auto insurance claim. Here is a guide instruction that you will follow when filing Pennsylvania auto insurance claim.

1. Determine if you need to file a claim or not. In the event of an accident, make sure that you exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver. Make sure that you also file a report and a statement with the police, and then assess the damage to your car. If it is a minor damage or if your deductible is higher than the repair cost, there is no need of filing a claim. Before reporting the accident to your insurance company, assess the damage first. Reporting it without filing a claim when it is documented can lead to a higher premium.

2. Document all the details of the accident, police report and statement, contact information from any eye witness and any surveillance camera. This may be very useful if the matter is taken to court.

3. If you decide to file a claim contact your PA car insurance company as soon as possible. Assess the damage and the repair cost. If found to be costly than your deductible, contact your insurance company and inform them of an incoming claim. If the accident was the other driver’s fault, make sure that you contact his insurance company.

4. Prepare to communicate with your car insurance company in Pennsylvania or the other driver’s insurer to verify the accident details and get a copy of the report and statement. Make sure that you give correct information. Your claim may be cancelled if they find out that you have given any inconsistent information.

5. Now prepare to fix your car. After your claim has successfully gone through, an adjuster will be sent to assess the damage and send you a check. Sometimes the insurance company will refer you to a repair shop that they are working with such as an adjuster and qualified mechanic to repair your car. In case you are referred to a shop and take your car anywhere else, you will have to foot your bill yourself.

These are the steps that if you keenly follow, you will be able to successfully file a claim. By entering your zip code on top of this webpage, you will be able to get procedures from different auto insurance companies and their policies entailing filing auto insurance claims.

7 Effective Ways on Saving on Your Pennsylvania Car Insurance

The latest way of saving extra cash is through Pennsylvania auto insurance. This sounds like a scam but it is not. By purchasing auto insurance, you are required to make monthly payments (premiums). Paying high premiums will make you spend a lot of money and save little cash. Getting the right insurance coverage and not purchasing additional policy which are not relevant are the first steps of saving extra cash with Pennsylvania auto insurance. The following are some of the ways that you can save extra cash with Pennsylvania auto insurance.

1. Multiple-car policy discounts. If you insure more than one vehicle with the same insurance company you will be able to save 10-25% of your monthly premium. Sometimes your home or health insurance may be offering car insurance in Pennsylvania as well. Make sure that you contact them before purchasing car insurance so as to get discounts.

2. Driving classes. Attending driving classes will save your life by giving you the skills and techniques that you will require to traverse the roadways of Pennsylvania. This will lower your insurance premium by 5-15% since you will be considered a low risk motorist since you have training.

3. Student discounts. Students who score and maintain A’s and B’s are rewarded by PA car insurance companies through low insurance premiums. If you are a parent looking for student insurance, contact your insurance company or any other insurer if they offer student car insurance discounts basing on their grades.

4. Special equipment discounts. Installing special equipments on your car like alarm system, tracker, air balloons and other theft gadgets will enable you to get low premiums and save extra cash.

5. Mileage discounts. By lowering your car use and maintaining low than 7,500 miles per year will not make your car last long but reduce your premium since you have low chances of filing for a claim due to damage of the car caused by forces of wear and tear.

6. Increased deductibles. Increasing your deductible from $500 to $1000 is one of the ways of saving extra cash. Deductible is the amount of money that will cater for the damage expenses of your car in the event of an accident. This will save you 5%-15% but make sure that you have enough money before doing this.

7. Eliminate collision coverage. Collision coverage is a policy that will fix your car in case of an accident. But if you are driving a very old car, there is no sense of repairing or replacing it when involved in an accident. Eliminate this coverage on very old cars.

Saving money is easier with Pennsylvania auto insurance. Our website enables you to get different quotes and policies offered by different companies. This will make it easier for you to compare them and look for discounts and price offers. Enter you zip code on top of this website so as to get this information.

How Can an Auto Insurance Claim Affect the Rate of My Auto Insurance Pennsylvania

The human mind is designed to ask a number of question that concern something that we are about to do. For instance, we always ask ourselves too many questions that are concerned about car insurance claims. PA car insurance claims simply because they are a part of us especially if you are a drive and pay for your car insurance in time. Car insurance claims are simply important because they are what will bail us out whenever we get involved in any car related problems such as damages and or accidents. Auto insurance claim do can do a number of things to our car insurance policy. One of the many effects it has on our car insurance is the kind of impact it has on our car insurance rates.

AutoInsuranceInPennsylvaniaThe more car insurance claims you file with your insurance company, the more your interest rates gets to increase by the minute. This is because you are becoming more and more expensive to maintain and cover. Your insurance firm will start to see you more like a liability than an asset to them. When this happens, they have to charge you more so that they too can comfortable take the risk of managing your car insurance policy. Too many car insurance claims can also lead to your insurance policy not being renewed thus forcing you to start looking for another insurance firm to cover you.

When you file for an insurance claim when the accident and or damages suffered were not your fault, the insurance firm may opt to oversee this for the first time, which means that your interest rate will not be affected in any way. On the other hand, if the accident was entirely your fault, then you can expect your interest rate to go up after filing for the insurance claim.

It is because of this kind of impacts on your auto insurance interest rate that most people think twice before they actually decide to file for an insurance claim. Most people will prefer to settle for the damage through their own pockets if the situation is not that serious. However much you avoid filing for an insurance claim, it is important to note that the previous number of insurance claims that you had filed, the natural disasters you are subjected to and the number of tickets you get can increase your car insurance interest rate by a certain degree.

Most interest rates increase will last for a number of years depending on the policies of your insurance firm.  You therefore want to be extra careful when driving and always think twice before you file that insurance claim because you never know how it might affect your car insurance interest rate. Auto insurance claims in PA were our major concern for this article. However, you cannot file for an insurance claim if you do not have a car insurance firm to cater for your insurance needs and wants. That is why you should enter your zip on top of this very website and get the best auto insurance firm in your area.

Where is the Best to Shop for Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

Various ways are available which we can be able to do our car insurance shopping. These are the platforms, which we can easily get the insurance services that we need from day to day. When shopping for car insurance in Pennsylvania, there are mainly two ways, which you can be able to do this. That is online and or offline. The major question that most people will ask is which option to go for? We say both depending on a number of things that we will be discussing below. The two differ in the mode through which one will carry out their auto insurance shopping spree.

Online shopping

This is one of the greatest platforms to do your shopping from these days. This is because it does cover a wide geographical area and you can get to shop from anywhere in your house, school, and restaurant and or even at the office. They say the online market will cover a wide geographical area simply because it is a platform where the whole world can shop from so long as there is internet connectivity where you are from. When it comes to shopping for your car insurance when you are in Pennsylvania, all that you have to do is to narrow done your search to Pennsylvania area only. It is much faster because in a matter of minutes you will be having the results readily available.

You can also get to compare different auto insurance firms in Pennsylvania by utilizing the software that is available all over the internet. Either online shopping for car insurance can mean that you do the whole process online or that you find the insurance firm online then continues with the process offline. Online shopping is best for people who have no time to shop around.

Offline shopping

This is the exact opposite of online shopping. This means that you do not get to use the internet in your quest of finding car insurance in Pennsylvania. Offline shopping includes making phone calls, mailing, and even paying personal visits to the insurance firms of your choice. It does take a while to make up your mind since you will have to wait for the response of the firms before you start to compare them out. Offline shopping techniques will be best for those people who have time on their hands. This means that it is suitable for those residences in Pennsylvania who are in no hurry to find car insurance.

The two, as we have mentioned. are the best for a particular group of people. However, as you continue to read this article, take a few minutes off your clock just to enter your zip above this site. By doing so, you get the opportunity to find out the best car insurance firms through which you can be able to get your insurance policy from. It is free thus the more reason for you to try it out.

How adding riders help in getting cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Car insurance rider is actually a change, an endorsement or an addition to your insurance policy which deletes certain unwanted coverages. It not only helps you in saving hundreds of dollars in premiums but also gives more protection to you and your family in the long run. Following are few riders that you should inquire when looking for Pennsylvania cheap car insurance quotes:

•           Family protection coverage: This rider increases your coverage in case you or any of your family members is injured or suffer death in an accident caused due to a uninsured or an underinsured driver. In case you or your family members are involved in an accident because of an uninsured or an underinsured driver his insurance policy might not be able to cover your losses. This rider comes in handy in such cases.

•           Loss of use: In case your car becomes unusable after being involved in an accident, this rider can cover the expenses you incur for renting another vehicle or using another medium of transportation like buses or taxis. The insurance company is liable to reimburse you for such expenses.

•           Waiver of depreciation: In case you buy a new car and attach this rider to your car insurance policy, and if your car is involved in an accident and totaled later, no depreciation would be applied to the reimbursement amount. I case of damage to your car, only original manufacturer parts would be used for repairs.

•           Accident forgiveness: Drivers who have a spotless driving history for past 6 consecutive years can apply this rider in case they face an accident for the first time which means they would not have to pay an increased premium even after being involved in an accident due to their fault. This also does not affect any future quotes. Each accident is recorded by the insurance company. However this rider wipes out this record from the drivers history. But this rider can only be used once.

Whenever you get car insurance quotes, make sure to ask your insurance advisor about the riders that you would be eligible for and how they can benefit your insurance plan. These riders can help you save a lot of money and at the same time provide enough cover to you and your family. But remember certain riders like accident forgiveness can be used just once and are exhausted in case of a claim.

Most insurance representatives are reluctant to discuss the riders proactively so it helps if you do some research before buying Pennsylvania cheap car insurance. Just by entering your zip code at the top of this page you can get to know more about these riders and get fabulous insurance quotes which will help you save thousands of dollars in auto insurance premiums. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and type your zip code and get ready for some amazing insurance quotes.

How can I renew my Pennsylvania car insurance policy?

Car insurance has become a part of life now. However renewing your Pennsylvania car insurance policy can sometimes become confusing. The standard for most of the insurance companies is a six month policy period whereas you might occasionally come across companies that write a 12 month policy.

About one month before you Pennsylvania car insurance policy expires you receive a renewal notice from the insurer. If you don’t have any accidents, change in drivers or moving violations the insurance company would be happy to automatically renew your policy however there are few things that you need to consider.

•           Check if there is any change in premium. Insurance companies often reassess their customers at the time of policy renewal and depending upon your risk assessment they can either increase or decrease the insurance premium. Risk is the probability that a customer might claim during the next 6 to 12 months. Risk can be affected by driving history, zip code, moving violation, age and accident history. Premium can also get impacted by market conditions. The carrier might readjust your premium based on a new rating or what its competitors are doing.

•           It is extremely important that you confirm whether all the coverages that you wish to keep in your Pennsylvania auto insurance are indeed part of your renewed policy. Common covers include medical payment, rental reimbursement, liability, collision and comprehensive covers.

•           Determine if the deductible is sufficient for your family. A lower deductible attracts a higher premium. Conversely a higher deductible attracts a lower premium. Calculate how much you think should be the premium and deductible based on which you can adjust your premium.

•           Ensure that all the members who were listed in the earlier policy are still covered in the renewed policy. In the unlikely event of the carrier omitting certain names from your earlier policy you need to send it for rectification.

Your car insurance policy renewal is a routine thing and shouldn’t present any hassles however you need to be vigilant to protect your own interests. Read the fine print carefully. In case you do not understand any terms and conditions call your insurance representative and get the required information from him. Do not sign on any document unless you are absolutely sure about it. Insurance agents are very smart and can easily talk you in buying a policy which doesn’t suit your needs at all. Do not fall prey to their sweet talks.

You can compare various policies from other carriers and choose the one which is best suited to your needs. Often buying a new Pennsylvania car insurance policy after due consideration policy will prove to be more economical than renewing your existing one. By simply typing your zip code at the top of this page you would get to know about the best car insurance deals which are available to you.

What are the penalties associated with DWI and DUI laws in Pennsylvania

Even the most banal DUI charge that would have been overlooked in the past is now evaluated keenly and prosecuted in the toughest manner possible due to the increasing number of offenses made by drunk drivers. If you are relocating in Pennsylvania you should pay close attention to the laws of auto insurance in Pennsylvania in order to make sure you have covered all important bases pertaining to auto use in the state.

Just like it is important to find out the detail aspects of car insurance in PA it is vitally important to have an understanding of the consequences of being charged with a DUI or DWI offense in the state. Offenders are faced with different outcomes that can vary from acquiring a criminal record, loss of convict’s driver’s license, jail time, additional surcharges on the driver’s license etc. However, in addition to these a charged person will also face many other disadvantages such as having to pay high premiums for their auto insurance in Pennsylvania as well as face the threat of a possible loss of his or her job.

Important DUI penalties in Pennsylvania

* Implied consent law – This law required drivers charged under DUI to undergo certain blood, urine or breathe testing which would indicate the alcohol content in the system. A rebuttal against this requirement involves a penalty pertaining to a mandatory suspension of the person’s driving license for a minimum of one year.

* BAC measurement – The blood alcohol concentration in Pennsylvania is sets at the rate of 0.08. Any driver measuring up to this limit or above is considered to be ‘per se intoxicated’. As per the DUI and DWI laws in Pennsylvania evidence is the only thing that is required for conviction of a driver.

* Zero tolerance of BAC – This is directly related to drivers who do not belong in the legal drinking age. As per Pennsylvania specific laws anyone falling under the age of 21 and driving a car with a .02 BAC content will be subjected to relevant DUI penalties.

* Another important discovery you will make when you study the pertaining Pennsylvania auto insurance laws is that the state do not invoke the enhanced penalty for DUI. This penalty is related to BAC rate of .15 or .20 and over which is considered as over the legal limit.

* Revocation penalties – Under this category the charged person will have to face different administrative license suspension or other obligatory penalties which are mandatory for drivers caught with a high blood alcohol content. The severity of these penalties will differ on the number of past similar offenses committed by the driver and starts at a mandatory 90 day minimum suspension of the driving license for the first time offense.

If you want to find out more information about the specific penalties and learn the advantages of auto insurance in Pennsylvania just insert your zip at the top of this page. We can provide you with essential information pertaining to best deals of auto insurance in Pennsylvania. Make the best use of this opportunity while you gain more insights to the DUI and DWI laws in Pennsylvania.

The Implications Of IID in Relation To DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania

If you enjoy a premium service of car insurance in Pennsylvania, you may have been told that anyone convicted for a second or succeeding offense of DUI is compelled to fix an IID, ignition interlock system in their automobile for a period of one year. Only after the lapse of this compulsory period, the driver will be able to claim his or her normal driving privileges. So what exactly is an IID?

CarInsuranceInPennsylvaniaAn IID is a gadget capable of reading the alcohol level in your breath. In order to measure the content, you will be requested to breathe in to the IID before starting the vehicle. This is requested to be done during intermittent time levels even after the automobile is started and being driven. If the IID detect a concentration of blood alcohol amounting to 0.025 or higher, the device will make sure that the vehicle goes in to an auto lockdown system that will last for about five minutes. In order to re-start the vehicle once the detection is done, you will have to breathe in to the device. If the device continues to measure an over the limit gauge, it will go on to a 30 minute lockdown. This will continue to happen until the blood alcohol level in your system in under control and the device is able to detect it.

The bad news is that when you are convicted for IID, you will be informed to install this device in each vehicle you own or lease. Now, imagine the high premiums you will have to pay for your car insurance in PA if you have an IID installed in every automobile you own? If the law enforcement officers catch you driving any of your vehicles without the IID after the court order is given, you will be subjected to additional fines starting from $300 as well as face the risk of spending jail time no less than 90 days.

Tampering of the IID in PA is not allowed nor should you try to get someone who is not under the influence of alcohol to breathe in to it in order to start the vehicle. Offenses of this nature are considered as criminal charges and will be duly punished. The fine can vary in such situations as high up to $1000 and a 90 day jail sentence.

The only instances in which Pennsylvania State will consider exemptions for this law is if you have been driving a vehicle belonging to your employer. However, you will still be required to install IID in any personal vehicles used by you.

In the event of the convict being unable to afford the installation of an IID, the court may consider a hardship exemption. However, to be eligible to claim this exemption the convicts’ income should be less than 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

Don’t take unnecessary risks when you take your valuable automobiles on the road. If you are a resident in Pennsylvania or travelling in this state, learn how auto insurance in Pennsylvania can help you in navigating these common obstacles. Place your zip in the box provided above and receive vital information on everything you need to know about Pennsylvania state laws for drivers.