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Penalties of Not Complying With The Pennsylvania Car Insurance Laws

According to a 2009 research, 8 million registered drivers drove the state roadways. The shocking news is that only 9% percent of these drivers had auto insurance. The main purpose of auto insurance is to protect the motorists, passengers, pedestrians and properties in the event of an accident. It protects you from financial expenses incurred in the form of medical bills, repairs and maintenance costs and also damage costs. Nobody plans for an accident. Therefore, most of the drivers are found in an awkward situation since they have no or they only have little money spared to take care of them after an accident. There are a number of people that have lost their lives since they cannot be attended by doctors without making some form of payment. The Pennsylvania Department of Transport came up with stiff penalties just to curb this unwarranted behavior.

* Car insurance requirements. To comply with Pennsylvania car insurance laws, as a private driver you must maintain a continuous auto insurance coverage; coverage without any lapses. The minimum requirements are the liability cover of $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident and $5,000 to cover property damage along with tort coverage. Drivers are allowed to select between full or limited tort coverage.

The penalties of not complying with the regulations are:

1. Suspension. Drivers that fault Pennsylvania car insurance laws are subject to suspension of their driver’s or their vehicle’s registration. The suspension may last for a minimum of 30 days or longer if ordered by a court of law. During this period, the suspended driver is not allowed to drive along the state’s roadways for any reasons and the suspended car must remain stationary. It must not be driven even with a driver holding a valid license.

2. Penalties. Non-compliant drivers are subject to very stiff fines and penalties. They must also pay reinstatement costs for their driver’s license and restoration of their vehicle’s registration. The cash fine for car insurance lapse is $300 and also other court fines may apply depending whether you are charged in a court of law or not. This is a lot of money that can b put into good use in other productive activities.

3. Insurance. The lapse in car insurance in Pennsylvania is always reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This will automatically lead to an increase on the monthly premiums. With the high cost of living, you would definitely not want to spend more every month. After suspension, a driver must provide a proof of insurance so as to have his license and registration reinstated. This is after settling all fines and fees that he or she is subject to and completing the suspension period.

There are various PA car insurance companies that carry out customer awareness programs on auto insurance laws in Pennsylvania. The good thing is that through their regular newsletters circulation, you will be able to even compare the insurance policies and premiums even those in your local area. To be able to get this free regular news, enter your zip code on top of this website.

Penalties For Pennsylvania Car Insurance Violations

Depending on the type of default, there are different car insurance penalties for different violations and whether you are charged in a court of law or not. There are strict Pennsylvania car insurance laws and traffic police are very vigil and always on the look-out for defaulters. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance and the states Department of Motor Vehicles sets the rules and penalties that defaulters will face. This is not just to punish the mistake made by the motorists but also to protect them from losses and expenses caused by accidents. According to a 2008 survey, the state had 2.8 million drivers travelling its roadways but only 9% of the motorists’ population had insurance cover. These penalties were introduced to curb this dangerous and costly behavior. Some of the penalties include:

> Suspension of driver. Drivers not compliant with the Pennsylvania car insurance laws are liable to having their driver’s license suspended. The license may be suspended for a minimum of 30 days or a longer period if the motorist is charged in a court of law. During this suspension period, the driver is not allowed to drive any car for whatever reason. This may reduce your productivity since you will be late to work or not be able to deliver your goods or products to the market on time if you are in the business industry. This may lead to huge monetary losses and loss of customers or conflicts at work with your boss as you will be arriving to work late, you will also waste a lot of money to hire a taxi.

> Suspension of car. The registration of your car will be suspended too for a minimum period of one month. This means that the car cannot be driven even by a driver who is not suspended nor has a valid license. This will render the car useless for all this period reducing its efficiency and productivity.

> Fines. Alongside reinstatement costs for your driver’s license and vehicle registration restoration, non-compliant drivers are subject to fines too. The monetary penalty for lapse in Pennsylvania auto insurance is $300 with another $300 for driving without proof of insurance and more if you are not insured. You will also be charged $450 for you to restore your vehicles registration and another $50 to have your driver’s license back.

> Jail term. You can be sentenced to a jail term depending on whether you have caused a very fatal accident and charged in a court of law. You will lose a lot of time and this will interfere with your life as it may be very difficult for you to be employed after serving your jail term.

This website educates you on the penalties for Pennsylvania car insurance defaulters so as to sensitize and make sure that you are always aware of them. You will be getting the regular news and updates first hand for free by entering your zip code on top of this website.

Guidelines to Follow To Successfully File Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Claim

Depending on the car insurance cover that you have, you can file for your auto insurance claim and get full compensation despite who was at fault. Normally, what makes the claim process to take longer is because the motor vehicle companies of the drivers involved in the accident take a long time to discuss who was at fault. After the discussion, they estimate the fault percentage of each driver so as to get the amount of compensation to be made by each Pennsylvania auto insurance carrier. In Pennsylvania, holding full or limited tort coverage, a policy holder will get compensation regardless of who was at fault or due to the negligence of the other driver. The following are the guidelines that you will follow so as to successfully file your PA auto insurance claim.

1. After the accident, make sure that you check if the other driver has insurance cover. If he has exchange insurance information with the driver, this is very necessary because you will identify the insurance company or type of cover that will compensate you. If he has insurance that provides less cover than yours, file underinsured insurance claim while if he has no insurance then you should file uninsured insurance claim.

2. Call the police to the accident scene to assess it. Both of you will record a statement with the police and they will file their own report. In some instances, they may determine who was at fault.

3. Call you Pennsylvania auto insurance company preferably on the same day of the accident to report the incident, you should also send them your documents supporting your claim.

4. Mail the statement that you had recorded with the police alongside the report that they recorded to your insurance claim. The claim may take a long period depending whether the person at fault has been identified or not. Make sure that you follow up this procedure or checked with the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance to know the number of days required for one’s claim to mature.

5. Mail the same documents to the insurance company of the other driver. The two insurance companies will meet to discuss who was at fault and also to estimate the amount of compensation that each company will pay for. Make sure that you send all the documents that support your claim.

There are a lot of drivers that have filed claims but have not been successful in getting full compensation that they deserve simply because they did not put the law into good use. For you to be able to understand the law regarding filing and getting compensation, enter your zip code on top of this website and you will get regular newsletters from us that will educate you on the law and all the policies from several insurance companies in your local area displaying their claim process.

Finding the Best Lawyer for Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Claim

Not everyone understands the kind of knowledge used in car insurance policies. These kinds of people need additional helm from an attorney to interpret research and challenge Pennsylvania car insurance laws. These kinds of people not only know their insurance rights but also do not know the guidelines hence find it difficult in getting compensation after an accident. In Pennsylvania there are a lot of law firms and lawyers that are ready to take care and help drivers that have problems in filing their Pennsylvania auto insurance claim, the good thing is that they are readily available plus their services are very pocket friendly. The following are the guidelines that you will follow to get yourself the best lawyer.

* Search. The first step is to search for auto insurance lawyer. There are various places where you can find a good and cheap lawyer but the best and fast place is through the internet. This is because you will not waste a lot of time, energy and resources as compared to physically locating them. There are a lot of law firms that have developed websites that enable you to access and retrieve information from anywhere and at anytime. With the advent of technology, you will only take few minutes and the services offered on the physical premises of these law firms have also been taken online.

* Shop. Do not use websites for individual law firms. Use websites that will enable you to compare different law firms so that you can comprehensively compare the different services and prices offered. You will also be able to look for customized services and price discounts as these law firms are looking to attract a lot of customers by providing customer friendly and cheap prices.

* Choose. Choose a law firm that will not just save you extra money but will also satisfy your need. There are various kinds of tailor made services offered by auto insurance lawyer. Recently, there is a new service especially for individuals with low income that only require the individual to pay the lawyer after successful wining of the case. The payment is deducted from the compensation that the individual is settled but the lawyer’s services are paid for by the law firm. If you have low income, choose these services.

* Gather all facts. Collect all the police reports, statements that you have recorded, surveillance cameras in case the street or road that your accident occurred, eye witnesses and communication with your car insurance company.

* File a lawsuit. Follow the instructions of your lawyer to file a lawsuit.

Get all these information to enable you get the best car insurance claim lawyer. Entering your zip code on top of this website now.

Factors Married Couples To Consider When Shopping for Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

When we get married, there are a number of things that are bound to change in our lives. This is because we will be living as two people but with the same goals and targets in life. Married couples need to weigh down their options when it comes to shopping for different types of car insurance in Pennsylvania that they need in their life. For this article we will largely be concentrating on what it entails to do proper shopping for car insurance as a married couple. By this, we simply mean that there are special types of car insurance policies that married couples can take up. If not, they can easily continue with what they had before they got married.

BestCarInsuranceInPennsylvania1. The first thing that a married couple will want to consider when shopping for car insurance in Pennsylvania as a unit is how their past driving records can affect their premiums and interest rates for the auto insurance cover. If one or both of you have bad driving records, then it will be necessary to seek the right kind of help to help point you to the right direction. The kind of help that you can easily go for is to hire the services of an insurance agent. They will advice you on the benefits and negatives of combining your driving records whether they are both good, both bad and if one has a different kind of record from the other. Merging your driving records as a married couple can be beneficial as it helps you to gain bonus points in terms of discounts but it all depends on what kind of records you bring to the table.

2. Another thing that married couples need to consider when shopping for PA auto insurance is the kind of firm they wish to operate with. Do you want to go for an entirely new insurance firm or are you will to transfer one of your previous car insurance policies to the other persons insurance firm. The importance of this is that it will be a lot cheaper to get insurance cover as a married couple from one insurance firm.

3. You also want to consider how easily you can add in more people to the insurance policy you will be getting. One of the many goals that married couples have in life is to bear children. These children will someday be of legal age and they too will want to drive. In Pennsylvania, it is required that every driver to have car insurance at all times. In regards to this, the parents can be able to carry their teen’s car insurance cover under their very own insurance policy. You, therefore, want to make it a requirement when shopping for car insurance that this option is available in the future.

4. Being married means that you need to cut down your costs so that you can be able to satisfy all your needs and wants. Enter your zip on the space provided above for cheap auto insurance in Pennsylvania just for you.

Car Insurance Crimes In Pennsylvania And Its Penalties

When you do something wrong, you should expect to be punished when caught. There are so many things that adults will do that are against the Pennsylvania car insurance laws and can only be punished through the various penalties that have been outlined by the laws governing that particular sector. For this article, we take a look at car insurance related crimes in Pennsylvania. It goes without saying that the car insurance sector has not been spared as people still get to commit car insurance crimes even after seeing the kind of consequences it has on someone. Some of the crimes related to car insurance in Pennsylvania include the following:

1. More people are staging their very own car accidents and to top that, they end up filing for injuries that do not really exist. This is the most common type of insurance crime that goes on in Pennsylvania.

2. There have been reported cases of false pretence of stolen cars so that your insurance firm can compensate you especially if you had insured your car against theft related cases in Pennsylvania.

3. Another common auto insurance crime in Pennsylvania involves someone getting a car insurance policy after they had an accident or were robbed off their car then reporting the incident after their insurance policy has been approved. This means that you give false claims to the insurance firm by pretending that the incident happened right after taking up the car insurance policy.

4. Filing for a car insurance claim for damages that were pre-existing on your car long before you took up the insurance policy.

5. There have also been reported cases of people who have exaggerated on the degree of damage and injuries they accrued in the course of an accident in which they were involved in.

6. Driving with no car insurance policy

There are still so many other types of violations of Pennsylvania car insurance laws do go on in the state. It is considered a felony act to commit any of the above actions and the penalties that are related to them include:

1. A maximum of seven years or less in prison depending on the grave of your car insurance crime.

2. A total of about $15,000 in fines. You can also be charge less in relation to what you did. For example, you cannot be charged $15,000 as a fine for driving without car insurance.

3. You can also be penalized by the court to carry out a number of community service activities and or pay up court charges of a certain amount.

4. One of the greatest penalties that you will always carry with you is the shame of being caught committing a felony. You lose all the respect you had from the people around you.

To get your mind off the penalties and to much better things, do enter your zip code in the space provided just for you right above this website. By doing so, you will get results of three of the best car insurance firm that you can choose from.

How adding riders help in getting cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania?

Car insurance rider is actually a change, an endorsement or an addition to your insurance policy which deletes certain unwanted coverages. It not only helps you in saving hundreds of dollars in premiums but also gives more protection to you and your family in the long run. Following are few riders that you should inquire when looking for Pennsylvania cheap car insurance quotes:

•           Family protection coverage: This rider increases your coverage in case you or any of your family members is injured or suffer death in an accident caused due to a uninsured or an underinsured driver. In case you or your family members are involved in an accident because of an uninsured or an underinsured driver his insurance policy might not be able to cover your losses. This rider comes in handy in such cases.

•           Loss of use: In case your car becomes unusable after being involved in an accident, this rider can cover the expenses you incur for renting another vehicle or using another medium of transportation like buses or taxis. The insurance company is liable to reimburse you for such expenses.

•           Waiver of depreciation: In case you buy a new car and attach this rider to your car insurance policy, and if your car is involved in an accident and totaled later, no depreciation would be applied to the reimbursement amount. I case of damage to your car, only original manufacturer parts would be used for repairs.

•           Accident forgiveness: Drivers who have a spotless driving history for past 6 consecutive years can apply this rider in case they face an accident for the first time which means they would not have to pay an increased premium even after being involved in an accident due to their fault. This also does not affect any future quotes. Each accident is recorded by the insurance company. However this rider wipes out this record from the drivers history. But this rider can only be used once.

Whenever you get car insurance quotes, make sure to ask your insurance advisor about the riders that you would be eligible for and how they can benefit your insurance plan. These riders can help you save a lot of money and at the same time provide enough cover to you and your family. But remember certain riders like accident forgiveness can be used just once and are exhausted in case of a claim.

Most insurance representatives are reluctant to discuss the riders proactively so it helps if you do some research before buying Pennsylvania cheap car insurance. Just by entering your zip code at the top of this page you can get to know more about these riders and get fabulous insurance quotes which will help you save thousands of dollars in auto insurance premiums. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and type your zip code and get ready for some amazing insurance quotes.

How can I renew my Pennsylvania car insurance policy?

Car insurance has become a part of life now. However renewing your Pennsylvania car insurance policy can sometimes become confusing. The standard for most of the insurance companies is a six month policy period whereas you might occasionally come across companies that write a 12 month policy.

About one month before you Pennsylvania car insurance policy expires you receive a renewal notice from the insurer. If you don’t have any accidents, change in drivers or moving violations the insurance company would be happy to automatically renew your policy however there are few things that you need to consider.

•           Check if there is any change in premium. Insurance companies often reassess their customers at the time of policy renewal and depending upon your risk assessment they can either increase or decrease the insurance premium. Risk is the probability that a customer might claim during the next 6 to 12 months. Risk can be affected by driving history, zip code, moving violation, age and accident history. Premium can also get impacted by market conditions. The carrier might readjust your premium based on a new rating or what its competitors are doing.

•           It is extremely important that you confirm whether all the coverages that you wish to keep in your Pennsylvania auto insurance are indeed part of your renewed policy. Common covers include medical payment, rental reimbursement, liability, collision and comprehensive covers.

•           Determine if the deductible is sufficient for your family. A lower deductible attracts a higher premium. Conversely a higher deductible attracts a lower premium. Calculate how much you think should be the premium and deductible based on which you can adjust your premium.

•           Ensure that all the members who were listed in the earlier policy are still covered in the renewed policy. In the unlikely event of the carrier omitting certain names from your earlier policy you need to send it for rectification.

Your car insurance policy renewal is a routine thing and shouldn’t present any hassles however you need to be vigilant to protect your own interests. Read the fine print carefully. In case you do not understand any terms and conditions call your insurance representative and get the required information from him. Do not sign on any document unless you are absolutely sure about it. Insurance agents are very smart and can easily talk you in buying a policy which doesn’t suit your needs at all. Do not fall prey to their sweet talks.

You can compare various policies from other carriers and choose the one which is best suited to your needs. Often buying a new Pennsylvania car insurance policy after due consideration policy will prove to be more economical than renewing your existing one. By simply typing your zip code at the top of this page you would get to know about the best car insurance deals which are available to you.

What are the penalties associated with DWI and DUI laws in Pennsylvania

Even the most banal DUI charge that would have been overlooked in the past is now evaluated keenly and prosecuted in the toughest manner possible due to the increasing number of offenses made by drunk drivers. If you are relocating in Pennsylvania you should pay close attention to the laws of auto insurance in Pennsylvania in order to make sure you have covered all important bases pertaining to auto use in the state.

Just like it is important to find out the detail aspects of car insurance in PA it is vitally important to have an understanding of the consequences of being charged with a DUI or DWI offense in the state. Offenders are faced with different outcomes that can vary from acquiring a criminal record, loss of convict’s driver’s license, jail time, additional surcharges on the driver’s license etc. However, in addition to these a charged person will also face many other disadvantages such as having to pay high premiums for their auto insurance in Pennsylvania as well as face the threat of a possible loss of his or her job.

Important DUI penalties in Pennsylvania

* Implied consent law – This law required drivers charged under DUI to undergo certain blood, urine or breathe testing which would indicate the alcohol content in the system. A rebuttal against this requirement involves a penalty pertaining to a mandatory suspension of the person’s driving license for a minimum of one year.

* BAC measurement – The blood alcohol concentration in Pennsylvania is sets at the rate of 0.08. Any driver measuring up to this limit or above is considered to be ‘per se intoxicated’. As per the DUI and DWI laws in Pennsylvania evidence is the only thing that is required for conviction of a driver.

* Zero tolerance of BAC – This is directly related to drivers who do not belong in the legal drinking age. As per Pennsylvania specific laws anyone falling under the age of 21 and driving a car with a .02 BAC content will be subjected to relevant DUI penalties.

* Another important discovery you will make when you study the pertaining Pennsylvania auto insurance laws is that the state do not invoke the enhanced penalty for DUI. This penalty is related to BAC rate of .15 or .20 and over which is considered as over the legal limit.

* Revocation penalties – Under this category the charged person will have to face different administrative license suspension or other obligatory penalties which are mandatory for drivers caught with a high blood alcohol content. The severity of these penalties will differ on the number of past similar offenses committed by the driver and starts at a mandatory 90 day minimum suspension of the driving license for the first time offense.

If you want to find out more information about the specific penalties and learn the advantages of auto insurance in Pennsylvania just insert your zip at the top of this page. We can provide you with essential information pertaining to best deals of auto insurance in Pennsylvania. Make the best use of this opportunity while you gain more insights to the DUI and DWI laws in Pennsylvania.

The Implications Of IID in Relation To DWI And DUI Laws In Pennsylvania

If you enjoy a premium service of car insurance in Pennsylvania, you may have been told that anyone convicted for a second or succeeding offense of DUI is compelled to fix an IID, ignition interlock system in their automobile for a period of one year. Only after the lapse of this compulsory period, the driver will be able to claim his or her normal driving privileges. So what exactly is an IID?

CarInsuranceInPennsylvaniaAn IID is a gadget capable of reading the alcohol level in your breath. In order to measure the content, you will be requested to breathe in to the IID before starting the vehicle. This is requested to be done during intermittent time levels even after the automobile is started and being driven. If the IID detect a concentration of blood alcohol amounting to 0.025 or higher, the device will make sure that the vehicle goes in to an auto lockdown system that will last for about five minutes. In order to re-start the vehicle once the detection is done, you will have to breathe in to the device. If the device continues to measure an over the limit gauge, it will go on to a 30 minute lockdown. This will continue to happen until the blood alcohol level in your system in under control and the device is able to detect it.

The bad news is that when you are convicted for IID, you will be informed to install this device in each vehicle you own or lease. Now, imagine the high premiums you will have to pay for your car insurance in PA if you have an IID installed in every automobile you own? If the law enforcement officers catch you driving any of your vehicles without the IID after the court order is given, you will be subjected to additional fines starting from $300 as well as face the risk of spending jail time no less than 90 days.

Tampering of the IID in PA is not allowed nor should you try to get someone who is not under the influence of alcohol to breathe in to it in order to start the vehicle. Offenses of this nature are considered as criminal charges and will be duly punished. The fine can vary in such situations as high up to $1000 and a 90 day jail sentence.

The only instances in which Pennsylvania State will consider exemptions for this law is if you have been driving a vehicle belonging to your employer. However, you will still be required to install IID in any personal vehicles used by you.

In the event of the convict being unable to afford the installation of an IID, the court may consider a hardship exemption. However, to be eligible to claim this exemption the convicts’ income should be less than 200% of the Federal poverty guidelines.

Don’t take unnecessary risks when you take your valuable automobiles on the road. If you are a resident in Pennsylvania or travelling in this state, learn how auto insurance in Pennsylvania can help you in navigating these common obstacles. Place your zip in the box provided above and receive vital information on everything you need to know about Pennsylvania state laws for drivers.