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Taking Note about the Pennsylvania Car Insurance

There has been a lot of grapevine going around about Pennsylvania auto insurance, which has not helped, but created a misled conception, this is because motorists do not understand the car insurance laws in this state. They take little time or some of them even do not bother reading the auto insurance laws, this ignorance does not pay or help since they are the ones that lose when they seek for compensation by filing a claim or get into legal problems when they default the auto insurance laws. Below are the facts that you need to take note on Pennsylvania car insurance.

* Liability minimums – Every driver is required to carry a minimum requirement cover that will take care or their medical expenses in the event of an accident and other passengers if the policyholder is at fault. The minimum requirement is $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident and $5,000 to cover any property damage.

* Proof of insurance – To avoid penalty, each driver must provide a valid proof of car insurance by either producing a company issued identification card or declaration page. This should be produced before purchasing a car, registration your motor vehicle or when asked to do so by a traffic police. Failure will lead to harsh penalties or even jail term.

* No-Fault state – Pennsylvania is a no-fault state, this means that you are supposed to pay your insurance without any lapse and you are required to purchase additional cover called personal injury protection. This type of insurance pays for your medical bill regardless of who causes the accident, this is because the state wants prompt payment of medical bills even in the event where accident liability is disputed.

* Assigned Risk pool – Nobody can be turned by insurance companies when applying for car insurance despite being regarded as risk individuals, there are insurance companies that provide cover for such individuals however they charge very high premiums.

* Tort option – Drivers have the option of purchasing full or limited tort insurance. The full tort policyholders they can litigate against at fault party for any medical and additional expenses and they can sue for pain and suffering caused because of the accident. Limited tort policyholders will get full compensation after an accident regardless of who was at fault but they cannot sue for pain and suffering.

* Penalties – Driving without insurance or proof of insurance with lead to penalties and the monetary penalty is $300 for nor producing your insurance proof, $50 to reinstate your vehicles registration and $50 to get your license back. You and your car will be suspended for 30 days and during this period you are not supposed to drive across the state’s roadways plus your car cannot be use even with a driver with a valid license.

* Exclusions – Drivers have a right to choose which drivers in their household they want to insure on their auto insurance policy.

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